Snapshots. Literally.

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*whistling whistling*

Basically, this is just a bunch of pictures.

Snapshots of life, if you will.

So why don’t we start with one of my favorite beverages…

San Pellegrin Blood Orange and champagne - snapshots

Champagne/sparkling wine, Blood Orange San Pellegrino… and a cherry.


Go cherry or go home.


Who let the dogs out?


snapshots: rainboots
It was wet out.

And my porch steps were slippery.

But I let the dogs out.

Speaking of the dogs…

I thought Kevin and Gus had finally figured things out with their bed situation but…

snapshots: dogs

I really, truly think Kevin is a small dog at heart.

Speaking of heart..

I started a new journal on January 1st.

snapshots: journalingAnd the first thing I did was write the wrong year.

And that’s the kind of girl I am.

A goof-up.

But I think that lends to my charm.

Speaking of charm…

snapshots: yogurt and chopsticksLucy eats her yogurt with chopsticks.


And while on the topic of charm…

some neighbors did this on New Year’s day morning.

Maybe they got a good deal.

I can’t fault anybody for finding a good deal.

But it was not a good deal for the neighbors.

But maybe we had it coming.

The husband is part of a garage band.

Read: they practice in our garage, so…

Garages and neighbors.

And sleeping dogs.

What about ME?

I *had* to go to LA to do some video stuff with The Mom’s View.

snapshots: on the setThose videos will show up here soon.


But in order to get there from the airport I had to rent a car.

I went to Priceline and she was all…

“You can have an economy car for $27 a day or a MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE.”

You do the math.

snapshots: in a convertible
And now I want a Mustang convertible for the rest of my life.

Aaaaaand I want another Double Double.

Animal style.

And a chocolate shake.

snapshots: in-n-outAnd probably a handful of Tums.

But totally worth it.

I’m home now.

I was welcomed by a torrential rain storm.

And this girl…


I was welcomed home by my other 2 kids too.

But this one is the one who snuggles like a pro.

Aaaaanand she doesn’t wake up when I take a picture so I can remember this forever.

Oh they grow up so fast.

So… how’s your week been?

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