Snapshots. Like, literally.

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You guys.

I know I’ve been all, “OH WRITER’S BLOCK!” before.

But it is what it is.

Hitherhencetofore… SNAPSHOTS.

And also when life gets crazy it gets CRAZY and sometimes all I can do to remember the day before is to scroll through my photos on my phone to see what happened. Usually it’s pictures of me selfie-ing in my car at some bus stop or in some parking lot.

But if you are following me on Instagram (you can do so here, if you’d like) you get the select version of what lives on my phone.

I am going to honest here, I don’t share the really bad selfies (there are more of those than over-processed good ones I promise), and I am not going to share pictures of arguments with my husband, nor pictures of my big zits (but maybe a really bad bruise), nor can I capture the desperation I realize there are literally not enough hours in the day.

The moments I share I WANT to remember. I don’t want to remember the desperation. I think when we look at what people choose to share online, we make lots of assumptions about their life… even their budget. But if we consider photos shared online like a puzzle one might buy at a yardsale… it’s most likely pieces will be missing.

These are a few shots of my last few weeks. No photos of my tears, no photos my kids haven’t approved (there so many I am no longer allowed to share!), but pictures that help jog my memory and remind me that life is full, life is blessed, and life goes fast.

Here I am with my coffee on the ferry on my way to my husband’s work party at his office Seattle. On a Monday night. Because shouldn’t all work parties launch a full week?


These are my lip glosses and lip sticks. Sometimes you have to clean out things to see the hoarder that you really are. Related: I need to share a picture of my collection of paid shorts. Holy moly.


This is Gus and me. He is codependent. And when he climbs up on my lap and snoozes, he is the greatest obstacle to working on my to-do list. When I sit on our little green chair, he begs for lap time… when I am on the couch, this…


Lucy and me. Sometimes, with all the running around, we have to kill time because I would rather blow a few bucks on a smoothie and kill time sitting outside on a sunny day… as opposed to driving home for us to be there 10-15 minutes to turn around and drive all the way back to where ever.


I’ve been Good wrangling.


There are about 20 goons, but this one is mine. Children’s theatre is awesome… if you can survive production weeks, you can survive anything.


I know you all love Kevin. This was after a long day, in the middle of some crazy weeks. He feels it too. Or he was wanting to play hide and seek.


Miss Washington (Teen National) and me! Our Viking Fest was last weekend, which means a parade, and when you are MISS STINKING WASHINGTON you get ride in a convertible with a crown and it’s not everyday a gal gets to get a selfie with Miss Washington… and being the lovely young lady Becca is – she obliged. Love watching kids grow and blossom – congrats Becca!!!


I didn’t get a coffee and sit here. But I wanted to. Only had time to take a picture. Totally gonna go have coffee there later. And probably Instagram it 😉


And baking bread with friends. As crazy as life has been – THIS is the stuff that needs to be filling up our time. I recently learned how to bake bread and on this day I got to share this new skill with my girls Andrea and Christy Ann and they are now ready to get their bread baking on!


That’ll be it for now. I am actually on my way to wrangle more goons. I’d rather do that than laundry… which there is plenty of.

Peace and sparkle, my friends. ONWARD HO!

P.S. Not time to proofread… ::spins away::

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