Slowing Down for the Holidays?

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Slowing down? For the holidays?!!!

A ridiculous notion, right?

I caught myself having a very serious conversation with myself in the grocery store recently.

Out. Loud.

My mind was running through my to-do list and I remembered something I hadn’t previously remembered (say that 5 times fast), and out loud I was all, “OH CRAP. I NEED TO *insert list of forgotten important things*.”

Oh are you nodding?


We are well into the first week of December. I had resolved that I would take this month by the reigns and enjoy this season with my family. Make decent meals. Try to make the evenings a bit more cozy, sweet, and snuggly for my little ones that are less little than they have ever been. At minimum, just slow down a bit and take the tasking down a notch. Maybe talk to myself out-loud in public a little bit less…

Aaaaaaaand…. I suck.

It’s not that I don’t want to.

Are my expectations too high?

Or am I in too deep?

My body is tired. My brain is tired. My kids are tired. The husband is tired… even some of my friends are tired.

I don’t think the holidays should be much different than the regular days. We should always focus on loving and giving. But the holiday season seems to highlight the gaps. Or shorcomings, perhaps.

There are added activities, opportunities to gather, and tasks. Entering the holidays when you are already on empty does not a successful holiday make. It is sure hard to rise to the extras aaaaaaand keep a warm, calm home.

It’s laughable, really.

I share all this not because I am busier than anyone else. I wholeheartedly believe that we all manage to fill our time regardless of how many kids we have or our job or schooling choice or… WHATEVER. We fill our time without room for error. I share this because I know that I know that I know that I KNOW I am not the only one wrestling with this.

So. As a reminder for me… as a reminder for you… shall we try to enter thoughtfully into the next several weeks? Some questions to consider…

  • What is important? Like, really. For REALS important.
  • What is fluff?
  • Where can we give… and give together as a family? Omitting the fluff can create time for this.
  • Have I/we stopped to LOOK at our children. Like really look?…

With all the choices we have this season, I want to remember to stop collaborate and listen… to watch my kids. To see the heart of people… To find a way to bless others… I HATE IT when I get so busy that I feel I don’t have time to help others.

I want to hold my husband’s hand, and sit on the couch to watch a silly holiday movie with my kids. WITHOUT a tech device on my lap or in my hand. I want to not be so busy I fail to appreciate each big and little blessing that sprinkles and floods my life.

I mean look at these people:

Merry family via @jennyonthespot

These people need me first. I need to show them that I consider them a blessing and not a task.

When you think of this season, what weighs on you? Do you feel like there is too much? Do you need to take a moment to… fall back and regroup too? Have you decided how you will bless others this season? I’d love to hear what you are doing…


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