Silly Puppy Gus is silly.

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This is just a little post about our puppy, Gus.

I think I’ve told you about him before.

He’s 8 months old. He’s part shih tzu, chihuahua, poodle… and schnauzer (?) or some-sort-of-mouthful.

He’s hilarious.

And very disobedient.

Not unlike my children.

Aaaanywho… I wanted to share something funny.

I hope these few pictures give you a little giggle.

If you cannot stand dogs, then I will try to post a picture of a clown next time.

Actually, clowns are scary, so I won’t post a picture of a clown.

I digress…

We have an apple tree that gives us delicious, but small-ish apples. Gus would carry apples around all day if we let him.

Puppy with an appleWhat a goof.

Of course the girls like to help him accessorize a little…

Gus the Platypus?

Unimpressed Gus the Platypus is unimpressed.

But he’s a good sport.

In case you are wondering, that is a pillow pet we acquired at a theme park. I posted this picture on Instagram and had folks asking about it and thought I’d confirm and help Perry the Playpus fans out… Looks like they have some here (not an affiliate link)… I just did a google search.

I’m good at google searching and whathaveyou.

And here’s Co-dependent Gus!

lonely puppy

The snuggliest puppy. He’ll snuggle a computer if he has to.

Do you have a dog? Is your potty trained. CAN YOU HELP ME???!!!


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