Sickness, Pepperoni Face, Slow Internets, a Purple Star Fish, Hood Canal and whathaveyou

You know when you are going through a week and you know it’s busy, but then you sit down on Sunday night and upload an insane amount of pictures *raises fist to recent discover of the SPORTS setting on camera* and you realize… WOW. That WAS a week.

Or two. Because this note was actually from the week before… as illness was sweeping our household. My son kept his cup on this note.

He’s always considering the well-being of others…

sick kid

4 of the 5 of us were hit with *something*. All of us had something different. I was gone during one wave of illness, and the husband had to take my son to the doctor on a Saturday.


Do you remember my son broke his wrist a couple weeks ago?

WELL. APPARENTLY, our doctor thinks his recurring fever was a result of his body healing his broken bone.


And then last week… I got to brush-up on my upside-down division… The 6s and 9s can get tricky…

flash cards

I had an epiphany whilst walking the school halls on that day… Nothing but bright, happy colors covered the walls. Art projects and smiling stick figures were everywhere!

kids are happy

I think we adults could be happy as children if we were able to incorporate tissue-paper projects in our daily lives as well.


I know I wasn’t feeling very happy in this moment:

the internets

My internets was chronically slow last week. You know that spinny wheel? I DO. We hung out A LOT.

I should have made tissue crafts while waiting.

I could have made a double rainbow.

Then one night my daughter and I were driving home and we saw a couple dozen of these fellas on the side of the road:

horse tails

I pulled over to take a picture because they were WEIRD looking.

They reminded me of the mermaids in The Little Mermaid that Ursulla held captive.


Aaaanywho… Apparently they are a native plant called HORSE TAILS, and these are immature horse tails (thanks my Instagram and FB friends & fans!). I have lived here 15 years, and… WHAT?

I am not into HORTICULTURE. I am into GLITTER.


My daughter turned 10!

the birthday girl

And she got a guitar kit for her birthday. She loves to be creative… we think this little gift fits her perfectly. And so does she…

I took my girl to lunch on her birthday…

lunch with my girl

We had to make it quick, though. SHe didn’t want to miss science.

*eyes cross*

I am going to confess to you what I had:

Primanti from Central Market

Um. That would be a sandwich with french fries on it.

A primanti. Corned beef. Cheese. Slaw. and FRENCH FRIES.

Did you just sexy-whistle at my sandwich?

I don’t blame you.

You know what is NOT?

Pepperoni on your face!

Pepperoni face

But at 7 years old, it is pretty cute.

And she didn’t break-out after it.


I’d have had a pepperoni-patterened zit break-out had I tried a stunt like that.

Unrelated, never take your eyes off Lucy.


family fun run

Disclosure: Don’t let the bib fool ya. I did not run.


Mostly just when I tried to catch-up with some kids that were under my watch and had gotten ahead of me.

*gives angry eye*

The way I see it is… the name of the event was FUN RUN. FUN. 

Unrelated, I could have TOTALLY beat those kids to the finish.


I just didn’t want to.

Happy? Evil? Leaf.


baby it's cold outside


*Insert a bunch of other things that went on this day and about 250 pictures, but I want to talk about Barry Manilow*

This particular day ended with my climbing into the van all by myself to go hang with some of my ladies to observe a birthday (or two). I turned on my tunes, and was surprised to see this song all queued up and ready to go:

barry manilow



I sang it loud.



Then I listened to Billie Jean, and then blasted my Ting Tings.

Then I arrived at my destination and visited with my lady friends, ate a lot of chips and salsa and a fish taco, and sat in a hot tub longer than I ever have before in my whole life and I don’t know the last time I slept so good.

And in the morning we had something that was green and called “juice” and pancakes and coffee.

And I was introduced to using whipping cream instead of half and half in one’s coffee and


And then we walked on the beach because the house was on the Hood Canal… And it was low, low, low tide and LOOK!


purple sea star


And then I stood on a graveyard of oyster shells.

a graveyard of oyster shells

And this:

On the Hood Canal

A sunny day in Western Washington. A morning with some dear friends. A walk on the beach…

And hair that hadn’t been washed in 3 days.

Weeks are like fingerprints… no one is ever the same.

I’m excited to see what this week brings. Crossing my fingers for a bit more sleep than last week… OK, A LOT more.

How about you? What kind of week is ahead for you? OR…. what was the best part of your LAST week?


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3 Responses to “Sickness, Pepperoni Face, Slow Internets, a Purple Star Fish, Hood Canal and whathaveyou”

  1. Lu says:

    I love reliving Jenny weeks through pictures. And, I am wearing out my shoes from Blissdom. I wear them almost everyday. Mainly because they remind me of you. Not that you remind me of shoes, but it reminds me we have the same kind of shoe and I wear them because I miss my Jenny so much.

  2. Michelle W says:

    OK not at all related to your question: My girls LOVE that song. They sing it all the time. Carson even knows all the words. So I listened to the words carefully for the first time in my life, and that is one depressing song! WTH?
    It does have a catchy tune, though.

    My week is a blur. I am thankful for bloggingness. It is my memory and second brain.

  3. Jo says:

    Purple is one of my favorite colors…

    I love those shoes!!!

    Green juice?!?!?!?!

    My weeks have been not been good lately 🙁 I am staring down the barrel of an ending marriage I think and I’m not liking it….

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