Sibling Conflict: Hurt Feelings

by | Jan 15, 2011 | Parenting/Family | 3 comments

This happened.

In my car.

On the way home.

After school.

A 4-day weekend ahead.

Between me, Joel (11) and Lucy (5).

Lucy: JOEL HURT ME!!!!! *tears, lower lip, tears, lowerer lip*

Joel: NO I DIDN’T!!!

Lucy: HE HURT ME!!!

Me: Joel. You are bigger than her. You don’t know your own strength. Even if your WERE playing, it may still hurt, and YOU NEED TO APOLOGIZE.

A little background… rough play ALWAYS ends up with tears, no?


Me: APOLOGIZE. *eyes go wild via rear view mirror*

Joel: I’m sorry for NOT hurting you, Lucy.

Me: Drives into oncoming traffic.

Me: Lucy… How did he hurt you?


Joel: Cracks up because he thinks she’s adorable.

Me: Cracks up because I think she’s adorable.

Joel: I’m sorry for hurting your feelings.

Me: Drives off into sunset.

Me: Drives home. Parks in garage. Sends kids in with an entire bag of Cheetos with clear istructions to “have at it”… and sits in the car… in the dark, quiet garage for a good 10 minutes. Because then it got cold.


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