SHUT. UP. (and let me go) – I SAW THE TING TINGS!

OMG the Ting Tings!

It’s true.



I love them.

And it was SO flippin’ awesome to see them IRL.

Dream come true.

And really, it was an ideal concert… tickets prices were reasonable and it was at a small venue.

Plus, Katie totes knocked over that drum and a mic stand.


I am not usually given to obsession…

*crickets chirping*

And at one point they threw one of the drum sticks into the audience and my heart skipped a beat.

I was really hoping I could catch it and snuggle with it.

But some other lucky stiff got to snuggle it.

Or sell it on eBay…

Ting Tings

If you see me rockin’ out in my car… sing-yellling… and bustin’ some pretty rad car-dancing moves… it is likely I am probably jamming to one of their songs…

Shut Up and Let Me Go…

Great DJ…

That’s Not My Name…

Hang It Up…


Rockin out with the Ting Tings

If I start wearing a high baseball hat on my head, it will be because of Katie.

Ooh. VLOG!

I digress…

I love you, Ting Tings

And back to reality…

How about you? What music artist do you love right now? Would you be disappointed if you didn’t catch the drum stick?

Am I shallow?



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7 Responses to “SHUT. UP. (and let me go) – I SAW THE TING TINGS!”

  1. “They call me Stacieeeeee!” Love that song. And Great DJ, and Shut up and Let me Go. I totes would have gone for the drumstick. 😉

  2. Michelle W says:

    I tend to like Elvis. I haven’t found him playing anywhere, but I know he is still alive.
    One day, Jenny. One day.

  3. kerry says:

    Am I shallow that I had to Youtube them to see who they were….

    And then I found ‘That’s not my name’ and I WAS INSANELY JEALOUS!!!!!!

    I FREAKING LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! I never knew that was the name of the band. Oh the shame.

    You guys must’ve TOTALLY rocked that concert. 🙂 xx

  4. Emily says:

    Oh, the Ting Tings. You lucky duck. They are super kool.

  5. Sheila says:

    I want a drum stick, but I would rather have a dance with Justin Furstenfeld! He comes out often to dance with someone during a small venue show. Love me some Blue October!

    Does that make me shallower?

    So glad you go to go! Next time jump for the stick! Tings Tings are fabulous! Love them too…hey they should totes tour w/ BO (that cracks me up every time…jr. high humor heh)

  6. I’ve never heard of the Ting Tings. But I will look them up and give them a listen.

    “How about you? What music artist do you love right now? Would you be disappointed if you didn’t catch the drum stick?”

    So um, you should be listening to First Aid Kit. I won tickets to their sold out show at The Crocodile a couple weeks ago and it was SO GOOD! So, go to their website and listen to Emmylou & King of the World. You’ll be glad you did.
    I also put a video I took of Emmylou on my blog, it turned out pretty good for an iPod.

    Also, Of Monsters and Men (local to Seattle I think) is really good.

  7. We love the Ting Tings! They are one of my son’s faves, actually.
    I’m not really obsessed with anyone right now. I’m waiting for another Bruno Mars album so I can re-obsess over him. Saw him last year. Luckily I found another 30-something mom with her kids to drink bourbon and obsess with. So I’m not the only dirty old lady around. I’m also rockin’ some J Bieb’s “Girlfriend” but that’s another story!

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