Shot@Life – Literally giving a shot at life to children.

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I want every child to have a shot at making memories.

a Shot@life to make memories

I want every child to have a shot at not only dreaming about his or her future, but having a future.

I want every child to have a shot at goofing off and even goofing up.

I want to be part of giving a shot at life.

Earlier this week, I went to the Shot@Life Champion Summit in Washington D.C.

While there I joined over 100 others who have dreams for every child to have a shot at a healthy life.

Shot@life 2015 Champion SUmmit

Shot@Life is a campaign of the United Nations Foundation. In partnerships with organizations such as UNICEF, the CDC, WHO, and the Gavi Alliance.  Shot@Life is working hard to make sure all children receive the vaccines needed to have a shot at a healthy life.

I know, I know… vaccines are a pretty touchy subject.

But you know what else is a pretty touching fact? Every 20 seconds a child dies from a vaccine-preventable disease.

Just think about that.

I’m a mom. And you guys… it breaks my heart to think there are children unable to make it past their 5th birthday because they do not have access to a shot that costs $2. It breaks my heart to know there are moms in this world, in 2015 who do not name their children until they get vaccinated because the child mortality rate is so high…

It is not uncommon for moms in developing countries to walk for MILES with their children to get needed life saving vaccines. Because for them, it is a matter of life and death. We are fortunate because we have hospitals nearby, and automobiles to get us there quickly. And 911. Families in developing countries do not have the convenience of nearby hospitals or even transportation, so diarrhea can literally be a death sentence for a child, especially children under 5.

I decided to join Shot@Life as a Champion to advocate on behalf of these moms. And their babies. I was able to visit Capitol Hill and meet with staff members of 3 of my state’s Congressmen (Kilmer, McDermott, and Reichert), and staffers of Senator Patty Murray. Three other Champions from Washington state joined me as we asked each staff member to tell our representatives we want their continued support when it comes to the monies allotted for international vaccinations.

Shot@Life Champions on The Hill

Pneumonia and diarrhea are the two largest killers of children under five years old. And for $20 a child can be vaccinated against four (pneumonia, diarrhea, measles and polio…) the four of most deadly and disabling diseases.

The choice we have here in the states to vaccinate is a right and a privilege. Moms in developing countries do not have a choice.

And the cold hard truth is, our domestic choice to choose to vaccinate or not is not usually a matter of life and death. We have clean water and easy access to care when we do get sick.

But in the under-developed world, it is a matter of life and death. These moms know this and they ache to have that choice. To have access.

Becoming a mom has played a huge role in what causes tug at my heart, and as I have learned about Shot@Life and the program they have been building for the last 4 years (raising enough funding to purchase more than 15.8 million vaccines through 2015), decided this is a cause I can help but raise my voice for…. giving children the hope of a healthy start and giving moms the hope of their child’s survival.

You are 100 million percent welcome to get involved as well! There are many ways!

  • • You can visit my Team Immunity Page and give right now – click HERE!
  •  • You can visit Shot@Life’s website here to find out how you can become involved… maybe become a champion yourself?
  •  • Download the Charity Miles app and anytime you walk, run, or bike! Simply select Shot@Life within the app to earn       vaccines. I use it almost every time I head out on a run or walk. In fact, I had a couple hours in DC to tourist about and     earned 2 polio vaccines while on my quest to take selfies with.
  • • Write a letter, send an email, make a phone call to YOUR representative and tell them you support Shot@Life and want   them to sustain funding and support for critical global health and global vaccine programs.

If you would like help with the how-to’s, I am happy to support that, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at jennyonthespot {at} or leave your question in the comments. You never know who might have the same question as you!


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