Shot@Life gives global children just that… a shot at life.

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Shot@Life is a movement to protect children worldwide by providing life-saving vaccines where they are most needed. And they are one year old THIS MONTH!

A privilege that we have here in the United States is pretty good access to healthcare. Yes, many complain (even me) about the state of our system, but if we compare our access to services to those who live in third-world countries… there is no comparison.

I first became aware of Shot@Life last July, and since have been peeking in on their efforts via newsletter subscription. When I went to Blissdom in March I had the opportunity to dig in deeper and listen to some of their passionate advocates and voices. As I listened I couldn’t help but feel like I needed to share this too.

As a mom, it is hard to imagine not having the luxury to make health choices for my children. So many families around the world do not have a choice in vaccination. A child’s risk for disease and is so much greater, as is the mortality rate, especially in children under 5. Shot@Life is bringing life saving vaccinations and education to families all over the world… The are also playing a very big role in helping erradicate Polio off the face of the planet for good.

I had the opportunity to interview Jill Anderson of Just Jilly… Jill is a delightful mother of three and new foster parent! She is also a Shot@Life Champion. Clearly, she is an amazing woman making children’s lives better. As a Shot@Life Champions, she has been helping spread the word about what is being done. She has been partnering with this organization this past first year of the program.

Jilly and I actually conducted a video interview, however… there was an issue with feedback that wasn’t apparent to me during taping. Drats!  So instead, I am going to tell you what we talked about!

I asked Jill several questions about her involvement with Shot@Life. I hope you folks will take a few moments to read through and learn more about what is being done.

Jill first heard about Shot@Life at the Type-A-Parent Conference. I think many of us in the blogging community have first heard about it through attending a conference. I know I was introduced to them at Evo in July of 2012.

One of the reasons Jill got involved is due to a personal connection. Her grandmother was a polio survivor. Jill saw first-hand how the disease affects those who are stricken. She saw what her grandma had to live with as a Polio survivor. Jill shared  with me that there are only 3 countries left before this disease is eradicated from the earth. She is really excited and encouraged that *we* are so close to having polio wiped off the face of the earth.

THE EARTH, people!

Having such a personal connection certainly is motivation. Though I do not have such a closely, personal connection, I have been moved too. As a mom in this country, I have the privilege to choose what vaccinations my children receive or do not receive. I am moved to share about this program because it give my fellow mothers across the globe the opportunity to choose too.

Over the last year, Jill has done a whole bunch to help spread to word about Shot@Life. She, along with others from her state (Michigan) got to got to Washington DC and speak to politicians about this great cause.

Why would this be necessary?

You see, the government allots a certain number of dollars to global aid every year. Where and what they choose to spend that money on is affected by us… their constituents. Our representatives are contacted every day. Heading to DC on behalf of Shot@Life gives our representatives the chance to hear about this cause and help allot  monies that have already been set aside — to go toward vaccines for children globally. It’s really awesome that Jill had the opportunity to add her voice on behalf of the world’s children and families.

In addition to heading to Capitol Hill, she has been involved in fundraisers, and because so few people know we are so close to eradicating polio, she is working hard to help people know this world-changing fact is known.

She also told me about a REALLY COOL APP! Charity Miles:

charity miles app

With this app, you can walk, run, or bike your way to earning donations for your chosen cause. Charity Miles has a number of charities to choose from, and Shot@Life is one of them. You simply download the app, choose your charity, and get running. Each walking/running miles earns 25 cents and each biking mile earns 10 cents. I just started training for a half-marathon. I am already doing something good for my body, but by turning on that app I am doing good that reaches beyond my own personal health goals. Crazy, cool… right?! Yesterday, I ran 3 miles and donated almost an entire polio vaccine. If I was a faster runner or had a bit more time, I’d have been able to reach a whole one. But I have a 4-miler planned for tomorrow and it all adds up!

Charity Miles App

With $20 being all it takes to get a child immunized for their life, those miles and quarters add up! But not only that, but $20 is such an attainable amount… Give a child a lifetime of immunity to protect her from pneumonia, diarrhea, polio and measles for $20.

We can donate, become a champion like Jill (or donate using Jill’s own donation page!), and/or/and communicate with a member of Congress. Click on each of the highlighted words for more information. Shot@Life is making it very easy to make 1, 2, 3, or hundreds of child’s lives better.

Happy first birthday to an amazing organization doing life-saving work, Shot@Life!

*I have not been compensated to create this post. I just want to help raise awareness too and give mothers across the world the opportunity to make health choices for their children. Shot@Life is a campaign of the United Nations Foundation.


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