September Wrap-Up: Who To Check-Out & Your Favorite Posts

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It’s a wrap-up!

Dear September, WHAAAAT???

It’s as if I looked down the first day of school and when I looked up October was one sleep away!

Is it just me, or did September pull a fast one on you too?


I will often post links to sites or products or blogs on my Facebook page to share fun stuff with folks there. But I’ve been thinking… why don’t I do some of that over here as well? I know it’s a treat for me when I stumble upon fun/unique/inspiring content online… so this is my way of sharing treats.

That make sense?

GOOD! Glad we’re on the same page!

• First off, and I know I have shared about Meg before… But Meg of Whatever. Colorful pictures of life. Sweet crafts. A heart that gives. Meg. (@megduerksen)

• For a dose of southern sweetness and hopsitality… there’s Rachel of A Southern Fairytale. Lovely photos, delightful recipes and sweet southern charm. (@SthrnFairytale)

• Marie of Make and Takes… craft ideas for kids and not-kids, helpful tips, and just a great site to pop open while sipping a cup of coffee or winding down form a long day. Aaaaand her daughter has been giving us video craft tutorials. You GOTTA watch! (@makeandtakes)

• To get the real story on motherhood, a dash of DIY, and a load of LOVELY photography, check out Jill over at Baby Rabies. She’s smart, she’s funny, and a blast of fresh air. (@babyrabies)

• And Flula. He’s my favorite YouTuber at the moment. Cracks me up… EVERY TIME. Rock Scissor Dynamite… Boom. I dare you not to laugh.

Gotta get some laughin’ in, friends. EVERYDAY.

Hey! Did you know Target is selling Limited Ed. Andy Warhol Campbells tomato soup cans?

75 cents!

I feel a craft project coming on!!!

Andy Warhol Campbell Soup cans via @jennyonthespot

I got curious. What are MY most read posts in September??? Did you miss any?

1) The post about Ian. A beloved, local first grade boy who is battling a rare form of leaukemia. The efforts on behalf of his family have just begun, and it is humbling too see how the outpouring of love as this family prepares for a long journey.

2) My post about how to make tacos… BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME. I mean, that’s what my kids say. I am totally not bragging about myself. *looks away* *whistles*

3) That one time I went on a date with my husband and we ended up at the dump. It’s really a post about choosing… what attitude one will have.

4) A Picmonkey tutorial! I love me my Picmonkey. If you are struggling with photo editing, hoping this post will be a good help and start!

5) Ironic. A top-read post is the one about a pretty scary picture I took of myself. Curse the front facing camera mode!!!

We are heading into a new month and a new week. I wish you peace and sparkles and adequate caffeination… Are you ready for October???


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Peace and Sparkles!


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