Seattle + Running + December = Craziness

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My friend Katie and I ran in the Seattle Jingle Bell Run last Sunday.

So. It rains here. It’s a normal thing. But our rain is not usually umbrella worthy.

But the rain combined with wind last weekend made me think we should buy a few snorkels. This was what awaited us as we walked off the ferry that morning. People straddling the fence… like it mattered. There was no way getting soaked was NOT going to happen.


But I am getting ahead of myself.

This is what we wore.

striped socks

Priorities, people.

Long festive socks! Katie and I wore plastic bags OVER our socks, but IN our shoes. And tied red bows on them.

Speaking of priorities… I ran into several gals from the gym. 4 entertaining, lively and hilarious women who have inspired me. Next year I will be better prepared for the run.

Like them… Frosty’s Flakes *snort* *guffaw*…


And then there was our walk from the ferry TO the run…

Yadda, yadda, yadda… There were fun costumes… and 3.1 miles later, we even got our picture taken at the Official Photo Booth.

jungle bell run collage

The end.

P.S. I forgot about the bows on the back of my socks. Ya know. Cuz every detail is important.

bows on the back

And also, I am a dork. With cute, albeit cheap red “velvet” bows pinned to back of her stripey Christmas-y socks. And also, the red from the bows bled onto the socks because IT WAS RAINING and those bows were REALLY cheap.


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