The Seahawks to the Superbowl: Wilson, Sherman and… Kaepernick?

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Who’s going to the Superbowl?


Don’t stop reading just yet. For my non-football fan readers aaaaaand my non-Seahawks fan readers I have also included links to a couple GREAT recipes (if I do say so myself) and a few words on fashion.


Also, I think football people like food and fashion too.


Food: I made my slow cooker pulled pork (recipe here) and my Rocky Roads dessert bars (recipe here) for our game-day gathering. Smore-like dessert bars are not traditional football food, but really, there is no time this dessert doesn’t fit. And there’s not a football player in the NFL that would turn this down. Unless they’re allergic to peanuts… and in that case, one can omit the peanuts, so…

Roacky Roads - football party treat

A local bakery made these awesome cookies:

Seawhawks to the Superbowl - 12th Man Cookies by Sluys

Fashion: I wore this…

Seahawks fashion

Nothing says, #GOHAWKS like polka dots, right?


But the game…

Since I’m a chick, I can’t help but be distracted by the players.


Not because of their tight pants.

Get your heads out of the gutter… I could be half of the players’ teenage baby mama, so… how’s THAT for perspective?

Iiiiii get caught-up in WHO these guys are. Maybe I should say, who the media makes them out to be. How can we really KNOW, you know? The fact I live in Seattle wasn’t the WHOLE reason I wanted the Hawks to knock the socks off of the Niners…

Fact: I just didn’t want young Kaepernick to win.

wilson v. kaepernickClick on the image above or HERE to see Wilson v. Kaepernick on Instagram and see for yourself. I love me some shoes too, Kaepernick. I’ve a few Instagrams of my own… but those Instagrams of Wilson at Seattle Children’s???

Wilson wins off the field too.

Shoes v. Kids. KIDS WIN.

Plus none of those shoes were heels or Fryes or my Chuck Taylors (that I could see…), so stylistically speaking… Kaepernick and I just don’t jive.

An aside: Russell Wilson, if you ever want to meet-up at Seattle Children’s, I’d love to tag along. Been there a couple of times myself.

Now, about our guy Richard Sherman. He’s getting a little heat in the press. He often does. It seems he admits he’s earned it.

I gotta tell ya, folks, when he spouted off on camera right after the game last night, I was disappointed. I wanted him to just stop it.

Let us finish on a high note, right?

I am still disappointed, but I spent some time poking around the internet today (rabbit trails and whathaveyou) and I have a new perspective on that Richard Sherman. And perhaps a bit of a softness toward his approach.

I’m not making excuses and may I also point out – HE’S NO KAEPERNICK.

(Disclosure, I have not done due diligence on researching Kaepernick, so…)

If you are interested in and can stand to power through a bit too much football-laden verbiage – read through this article about Richard Sherman.

Seriously. READ IT. Then come back.


*It’s OK. I can wait. I have coffee*

You’re back! O.K., let’s continue…

Props, Richard Sherman, right? GOTSTA give props to a hard worker.

However… I still want him to reign in the smack talk.


Lots and lots of kids look up to those guys and THAT GUY in particular. As Superbowl contenders, these guys may not have added “Be a role model” on their life dream list, but now they are.


Not just a role model for MY kid, but ALL THE KIDS.

The kids who are making life-changing decisions NOW are watching these guys NOW.

Not to over-emotionalize here, but our future as a country and world really is truly impacted by who these guys are today.

What a tremendous missed opportunity when tough-guy trash talk wins over just letting one’s awesome speak it for itself.

I blame media too… for highlighting the 30 seconds of post-game adrenaline-laced talk instead of times like,

Football players at Dominguez High reminisce about the time last spring that Sherman returned and gathered the team in the weight room. “Who wants to make the NFL?” he asked. Fifty-odd hands shot up. “Now, tell me how long the average NFL career lasts?” he said. One boy guessed 10 years, another seven, another five. “Three-and-a-half years,” Sherman interrupted. “So what are you going to prepare for: Three-and-a-half years? Or the rest of your life?” -excerpt from that article I told you to go read

Richard, you’re going to the Superbowl. You’re awesome. Period.

Do it. Win all the things. And BE THE GUY.

Some say this trash-talk *thing* is part of his edge and why he is part of helping win the game. The nice guys doesn’t win..

I don’t buy it.

I don’t know… I’m a mom. I view the world through a very different filter than football reporters and NFL players.

The thing is our kids really only get to see what the media lets us see. That article I linked to is LONG and our kids are not going to see that Sherman was Salutatorian (I was too – SALUTATORIANS UNITE!) and a hard worker and influenced his peers to go to college.

As a media-consumer-at-large, all I really get to see is the picture of the man media has shown. So, our players have that going against them (or FOR them, depending on one’s value system) and that is why Iiiiii feel the post-game face they choose to offer to the media needs be, well…. strategic.


Here I sit (and cheer) on the other side of Puget Sound.

Weighing not only the game, but also the heart.

I can’t help it.

On Superbowl Sunday, I will probably be wearing my polka dot 3/4 sleeve cardigan that I found on clearance at Kohls. And I will take snacks, and my particular role as one of thousands who claim ownership as one of the beloved 12th Man.

I’ll be cheering for Sherman and Lynch and Wilson and Tate and Baldwin (saw his after-game interview, by the way… I think I like that guy!) and the entire Seahawks team.

I’ll be cheering for that they win…. but not just the football game.

That’s my 1136 words on the matter. Whoa. Who knew I had so many words for football?!


and #whathaveyou

*And Richard (can I call you Richard?)… I do video things for my little blog here, if you’d like to show us more of that guy I saw in that article… I’d totally love to interview you… and bring you a 12th Man cookie from Sluys here in Poulsbo. And/or bring you some of those smores snacks that are a hit at my football game parties… Just throwin’ it out there.

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