School Drop Off: A Rant. Or PSA. Or Both. Or Just a Rant.

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This could technically be called a PSA on proper school drop off procedure, but then again… it feels a lot like a rant. Probably because I was ranting.

I have ranted on this topic before. But I have never emoted as much about this topic on video…


My friend Jen, of The Martha Project, wrote in her post: Top 10 Ways You’re Doing School Drop Off Wrong. She uses her written words much better than I ever could. I think schools need to print her post, make copies, and distribute at back-to-school night or or… send it home in children’s backpacks. OOOOOR – pass them out when parents drop-off their kids!

That Jen is a PULL FORWARD passionate. Probably even more than I am. Or she just has way more balls… Jen is my hero.


Schoo Drop-Off Pull Forward Passionate
(Photo cred: Jen and the parent who took the picture and sent it to her)
All that to say this… PULL FORWARD.


Have I been perfect at it? Regrettably, no.

I was a new primary school kid mom too.

Even after I knew the rules,  I have occasionally been the one who takes off too slowly to watch her kid walk to the school doors. YES. But in my defense, not because I was worried about my child’s safety.

I am a bit of a sap and when people say don’t rush life/enjoy these moments… I actually sometimes heed that advice and sometimes it’s just taking a mental picture of my goofy kid trolopping (that’s a word, I am sure of it) to the doors.

And sometimes I am just so ragey and all the other not pulling forward, by not pulling forward too I am in effect flipping off all the other non-pull-forwarders with my mind.

I am so passive agressive. I disgust myself too.

We all have our issues, folks.

*Nov. 2015

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12 Responses to “School Drop Off: A Rant. Or PSA. Or Both. Or Just a Rant.”

  1. Veronica Mirehouse says:

    Can you please do one for picking up after school where the parents show up one hour early to get a spot by the door s but it causes a back up because they end up taking up one and a half spots.then when another parent squeezes in, the first parents that were waiting an hour cause a ruckus because they can’t get out!

  2. William Henry says:

    The easiest solution is to PUT YOUR KID ON THE BUS!!!

    • Lisa Michelle says:

      Where we live in California, there are exact zero buses that drive kids to and from school because of budget reasons. I wish our kids could take the bus! 🙂

    • Shannon says:

      No way, I will endure the mess of the drop off line rather than subject my kids to the bus. Plus, that 15 minutes extra I get with them every day is more valuable than gold to me. Car conversations are the best!

  3. This killed me!! Our school has a brand new shiny drop off lane. The first two weeks no one could figure it out.

    Annoyed, I volunteered to direct traffic in the mornings- I won’t touch the after school for reasons Veronica mentioned above.

    Every morning I have to yell at people to pull forward and they just sit there as traffic backs up.

    Yes the kids can walk!!! Let them walk! I wish I could make them all watch this video. Instead I’ll just think of it and smile as another parent grumbles at me for telling them to PULL FORWARD!!

  4. Veronica Mirehouse says:

    The funny thing is I drive the bus that sits there watching this all go down.This is what I see everyday! I will think of this and laugh also.if I get to fed up maybe I will play this over my loud speaker!

  5. Alison Stone says:

    I’ll see your pull forward and raise you a “don’t get out of your car in the drop off loop! Go and park the damn car of you need to exit the vehicle!!!!!!”
    Amen sister…….you are my Katnis Everdean 🙂

  6. Marcie says:

    My neighbor sent your rant to me because I experienced that old high school feeling that you’ve pissed off the school bully. Just yesterday!

    I wish I could draw a diagram of the lot. However, it is NOT the drop off line. It’s the lot where those who choose to take their kids in…park! And 1 reason I choose to is to AVOID the “loop” line-up!

    Parking is perpendicular to where some still choose to drop off there. BEHIND the parked parents, leaving it hmm? VERY difficult to pull into a spot or out, as they take their sweet time, and act oblivious! Anywho, waiting for a parent leaving, a spot out of the way of the curb sitters, I’m noticing a car coming behind, who will now have to wait for ME. Oh boy, be ready to move, I’m thinking. And as I proceed, now the woman decides to pass me!? On my driver side! As I’m turn left to park! Where…where did she think she was going to pass? No room on either side!

    Thinking- your upset? I’m moving, ON my way! I waited too.

    I rolled down my window now! I had NO sympathy any longer! To simply ask “what are you doing?!” (Where do you think you’re gonna go? ) Shoulda just let her hit my tail?

    “You need to watch what you’re doing!!!” She informed me. Was I about to mull cars over? No . Or risk hitting a kid, person ? No.

    But she did nothing wrong- certainly didn’t like being called out.

    Expecting confrontation as I walked my 6 yr old in, she parked the curb, as other adults (2) took the child in! Never mind that NOW you’re blocking people in! I guess it doesn’t matter if others have to wait as long as she doesn’t! THEN, she confronted me, yelling out the window, “You need to learn how to drive!” Eventually, the other adult woman yelled to relay, that I did not have my signal on to park…which is TRUE. Still, do you pass either way? Seriously, that is all I wanted to know. As I turned to acknowledge her calling me out, her and the other “lady” bulldoze “bye! Bye-bye!”

    I walked on. An aid attending to a bus unloading was afraid for me, reported it to the office, and had me escorted by our male principle to my car, as her son waited by the door! And the lady stared me down as she walked hers down to class.

    This woman driver, the grandma, as I was informed, has a reputation of bullying parents to her queenly expectations. They’d had experience with her already! “She’ll beat you up!” THEY were afraid! Therefore, I began to wonder if I’d started something beyond? Haven’t seen any of them picking up or dropping off, twice now, since yesterday morning. Cool.

    Everyone is trying to park, drop off , pick up we’re all in the same boat! Simply, consider some patience, and safety, dear Lord! Being passive isn’t good either, normally I am. And maybe, that’s the problem. I finally said something! Deal with it.

  7. Marcie says:

    In other words, should parents feel they have to watch their backs while doing something necessary, and responsible? Also, if the school is afraid of this woman, what are they going to do? Wait until the police need to be called? Shoulda let her hit my tail! Did have a child in the car, didn’t seem a good idea.

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