School Drop Off: A Rant. Or PSA. Or Both. Or Just a Rant.

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This could technically be called a PSA on proper school drop off procedure, but then again… it feels a lot like a rant. Probably because I was ranting.

I have ranted on this topic before. But I have never emoted as much about this topic on video…


My friend Jen, of The Martha Project, wrote in her post: Top 10 Ways You’re Doing School Drop Off Wrong. She uses her written words much better than I ever could. I think schools need to print her post, make copies, and distribute at back-to-school night or or… send it home in children’s backpacks. OOOOOR – pass them out when parents drop-off their kids!

That Jen is a PULL FORWARD passionate. Probably even more than I am. Or she just has way more balls… Jen is my hero.


Schoo Drop-Off Pull Forward Passionate
(Photo cred: Jen and the parent who took the picture and sent it to her)
All that to say this… PULL FORWARD.


Have I been perfect at it? Regrettably, no.

I was a new primary school kid mom too.

Even after I knew the rules,  I have occasionally been the one who takes off too slowly to watch her kid walk to the school doors. YES. But in my defense, not because I was worried about my child’s safety.

I am a bit of a sap and when people say don’t rush life/enjoy these moments… I actually sometimes heed that advice and sometimes it’s just taking a mental picture of my goofy kid trolopping (that’s a word, I am sure of it) to the doors.

And sometimes I am just so ragey and all the other not pulling forward, by not pulling forward too I am in effect flipping off all the other non-pull-forwarders with my mind.

I am so passive agressive. I disgust myself too.

We all have our issues, folks.

*Nov. 2015

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