Running Injury and My Marathon is in 15 Days

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I have been training to run a full marathon. I started an 18 week training plan almost 16 weeks ago.

Running Injury and My Marathon is in 15 Days

Wanna know what happened? Tendinitis. More specifically, Achilles tendinitis. Good times. Not severe, but if I’m not careful… the word “screwed” comes to mind.

Last week I had my longest training run – 20 miles. My running partner/dear friend Katie and I started the run in good spirits. We ran. And ran. And ran. And ran. And ran. And ran. And ran. At mile 10 we turned around to hit the second half and… Yowza! Owie! Yikes! Zoink! I felt a sharp pain in my ankle “area”.

But we still had 10 miles to go and it was a full weekend… I did not have time to NOT finish the last 10. So I did what any Smarty Smarterson would do… I ran until the sharp pain “dulled” and I prolly looked like a gimpy girl-like Hunchback . 

By the time the last 10 was through the sharp pain in my left ankle radiated up to my calf and my right knee was feeling a bit snippy.


To top it off… the last 4 gimpy-esque miles were spent listening to my tummy growl. And also FEELING my tummy growl. And the last 1.5 miles were spent with wobbly limbs cuzza the fact I WAS SO HUNGRY. I could have popped another 100 calorie Gu pack, but to be Frank frank… I just wanted a hamburger. 

Speaking of hungry… I have been running an average of 30-40 miles a week for the last month +. And I have also gained 8 pounds.

*deadpan stare*

I am hungry in a way that I have only known in pregnancy. And while I crave protein… I LUST after carbs. 

The weight gain is not just muscle. My jeans and I have had a little “sit down” and we know it’s not just muscle. Ms. Muffin Top joined in on the convo. She concurs.



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