Return to You – The Great Return to Me

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I am in the middle of writing my most current, and possibly most moving “Return to You” story. A story of returning to the best me possible.

I am not at all dramatic.

In my lifetime I have “written” several of these stories. Life is like that. We are always changing, always growing.

Some of my own featured story themes have been: going off to college, becoming a wife, new motherhood, birthing the entrepreneur.

And now, today, I am shoulder-deep in a brand new story.

I’m not quite sure what to title this one? Maybe “A Coming of Age: The Coming of Middle(ish) Age”

As we age, our bodies change. Hormones shift. Stresses are different. Stress FEELS different. Heck, getting out of bed feels different! And oh, have mercy, am I right there right now!

I am thankful to have a positive history to reflect on. One powerful and very clear lesson I have learned through each phase is how important it is for me to tend to my health.

Friends, I’m talking about the “E” word.


I’m sorry. It had to be said.

Yes, it involves sweating.

Stay with me…

It’s not only in the sweating and cranking-up my heart rate that I see the powerful benefits. It benefits my emotional health as well:

  • I feel better about my mood.
  • I feel more capable.
  • I make better decisions.
  • I feel a bit sore when I get out of bed whether I exercise or not; I find the “I’ve been working out” sore so much more empowering.
  • Exercising provides time for me to be with me, where I can think and dream and pray.
  • It give me a chance to spend time with friends. Relational connectedness and exercise! DOUBLE good for the heart! Run or walk with a There’s something empowering about knowing I am keeping my heart strong.

In recent months I have been struggling. I look at my life and ask, “Why? Life is never simple and clean, but why has it become so much harder? Where’d that joy go? Where’d that energy go?”

I know what it is.

Exercise. I’m not making it a priority. Have mercy, my schedule is SO FULL! I have reasons for letting exercise go!

But forget the extra couple pounds this dip in exercise has left me carrying around. My heart and my mind are carrying around quite a bit, too. Even my husband has noticed the direct connection between my regular exercise and my emotional heart health.

I am in the middle of this “Return to You” story. I am nervous about how I will prioritize my time so I can get back to the positivity I know is waiting. I am also excited for that positivity; I know it is just around the corner.

Or a few corners.

Yes. Probably quite a few corners, but I can do this.

I have to do this.

What about you? Do you have a “Return to You” story? Are you in the middle of your own story? I’d love to hear from you in the comments… What is your strategy to getting healthy (physical, emotional, you name it) or what do you do to maintain it?

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