A Slight Reindeer Obsession and A Swollen Third Eyelid

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Have I told you how much I DESPISE coming up with titles?

We all have our strengths.

Title creation is not one of my own. Obviously.

A Slight Reindeer Obsession and A Swollen Third Eyelid

But I’m not going to talk about my weaknesses, because … I’d rather focus on things like Christmas lights and peanut butter balls and my reindeer obsession and don’t you think peanut butter should be one word?


CONGRATULATIONS! We have successfully navigated to December!

Making our way through a busy November should come with a huge sigh of relief, and I suppose there is a bit of a sigh.


HOW.EV.ER -I can’t even type how many sleeps we have until Christmas… for fear it might give me a panic attack.

But let’s not focus on the panic, let’s focus on the good things… like baking.


Oh crud.

The calories.

The mess.

Oh but baked goods…

I love to give baked goods.

I love to eat them too.

This is a problem.

I think am most aware of my selfishness when I bake… for others.

Baking also makes me very aware of my waistline. Or lack thereof.

Raise your hand if you like to stand in front of a hot, open oven?!

Raise your hand if you just raised your hand!

Did I ever tell you about Gus’ swollen third eyelid?

This has nothing to do with baking, nor anything to do with hot, open ovens.

I took Gus to the vet because his eye was needing to be looked at.

Gus and his third eyelid
He looks miserable, but he’s fine. My translation of the vet’s explanation reads: dogs have a thrid eyelid. Some dogs have eyelids that swell like this. If he’s not acting like it bothers him, he’s probably fine. He just looks sad.

Gus is not a fan of the gel we got to help his eye. Read: Gus may need cosmetic surgery so he is not so pathetic to look at.

We are pretty certain this thing is not bothering him a bit. In that picture above, he is livin’ large… snugglin’ Grandma. That darn eyelid thing just makes him look miserable. And cranky.

But he’s happy. And feisty.

And he loves to eat cabbage, carrots, and spinach. I should find out if Gus was fathered by a rabbit.

Moving on… I have a developing reindeer/deer obsession. A sweater, a necklace…

I recently found a couple of small. iron reindeer. I could post a picture of them, but then I’d have to put down my laptop, find my camera, take a picture, import the picture, yadda, yadda, I still love you though.

I found the little, iron reindeer while wearing my reindeer sweater and necklace.

It was meant to be.

And then there’s this guy…

I am well aware that there is a difference between a want and a need.

I need that White Canvas Reindeer Bust.

Like rum needs Coke.

Like Miley needs a counselor.


The end.

(I am not always great at conclusions either.)

(I shouldn’t judge Miley.)

(But I am. I’m a mom and over 40… I can’t help it.)

(In all fairness, I kind-of think everybody could use a few trips to a counselor’s office.)

(I hope there are no typos in this… totally not gonna proofread.)




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