Regular ol’ life…

The problem with Facebook is after a few minutes of scanning one’s feed, one can end up feeling like one’s life might be a little bit boring.



Because really, the most-parts of life are just that… LIFE.

No tropical vacation.

No red carpet.

Just life.


Regular, old life.

Including, but not limited neighborhood chickens…

neighborhood chickens via @jennyonthespot
Waiting for the school bus…

waiting for the bus via @jennyonthespot

doodling via @jennyonthespot
Taking a bath instead of putting away laundry or doing dishes…

BATH via @jennyonthespot
Taking your daughter to exercise because she just wants to RUN…

with Lucy via @jennyonthespot
Kids eating dinner…

Dinner via @jennyonthespot
Taking a picture to text to dad because he was away for work all night…

<<<Ooops! Can’t share! Kids approved it for dad, but not le internet!>>>

But I CAN share the fortune I got from a fortune cookie:

My fortune via @jennyonthespot
An aside: we did not have Chinese food for dinner that night. I made nachos. But we saw a box-o-fortune cookies for sale at the market and we couldn’t resist. What can I say, we appreciate all kinds of food. Nachos and fortune cookies for EVERYONE!

And sometimes life is paper heart doilies hanging in your dining room…

paper heart doilies via @jennyonthespot
And stuff.

Sometimes it’s hard not to get hung up on the fun, exciting, and sometimes extravagant life it seems others lead… thanks Facebook. I know even my own pictures sometimes paint a picture that may not accurately represent my “most days I wear yoga pants all day” existence.

But life is really about the day-to-day. It’s about looking at the snapshots of those daily moments… Enjoying the silly personalities of the neighborhood chickens (they DO have personalities!)… Showing dad we miss him… and even allowing fortune cookies for dessert even though it was nacho night.

This week I want to challenge us to notice the little moments… the *boring*. Make note. Maybe even take a picture. That’s life. This week I am looking to appreciate the daily… the routine… because that is where the little diamonds of life are waiting to discovered.

P.S. I often share the little snapshots on Instagram… you on Instagram? You can find me there – Jennyonthespot (surprise!).


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8 Responses to “Regular ol’ life…”

  1. Lu says:

    I hear you on the regular ol’ life. While I’d like a little more excitement, I would not trade my life for anothers.

  2. Cally says:

    Your fortune cookie had it right on the money!

  3. Jessica says:

    Love this post, Jenn. (And your fortune!)

    I’ve found that my most favorite times here with the fam are at the dinner table or when all five of us are in the rec room together, doing our own thing. Half the time I’m on Henry (the laptop) or reading and they’re on their ipod/iphones/ipads or doing homework or reading (and Andy’s either watching TV or playing Call of Duty), but we’re all together because everyone flocked into the same room so we could hang out together, and the fact that 12, 13 and 15 year-old sisters decided to be in the same room with us (together!) on their own is really saying something.

    So that and when I do the girls’ nails… those are the “normal” weekly instances I know I will look back on and cherish for years to come (even though they don’t seem that exciting right now). =)

    Be blessed,


  4. Amen! Amen indeed… xoxox, Jessica 🙂

  5. Misty says:

    NOT AT ALL boring… Seriously. these moments are what make life. These are the best of the best…

  6. Vanesa K says:

    Living on a farm with four children ages 7 to 2…life is rarely quiet. I equate quiet with boring. 😉 I have taken pictures of my Dove chocolate wrappers (because Dove knows milk chocolate!)….and I am pretty sure I posted one on my blog a while ago. I think we were destined to be sistas Jenny! You are quirky. I am hilarious…and humble. Haha! Kidding. You are hilarious as well. If I ever had a sister…I knew she’d make me laugh as much as I make me laugh!

    I love life. I love every day. Yesterday my four year old said “Mom, Levi (age 2) just took his diaper off and put his full moon on your couch.” What’s not to love!?! 😉

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