Recently named the least Likeable of the Likeable!

by | Oct 21, 2011 | Life | 4 comments

I want to thank The Academy for including me in their top 50 Moms of Twitter in 2011 list.


*awkward giggle and shy kicking of dirt clods with toes of shoes*

Jenny is named one of Babble's Top 50 Twitter Moms of 2011

I wish I was 31 in real life. Thank you for also making me feel young again!!!

In this esteemed list of 50… there are 5 groups of 10.

  • Most Inspiring
  • Most in the Know
  • Most Helpful
  • Funniest and…
  • Most Likeable

And friends… of the 10 most likeable – I am #10!!!

Hitherhencetofore… I am the least likeable of the likeable, ya’lls!!!



You don’t even know I am a Pantera’s Box that you do NOT want to open


*fumbling with hands*

I just tried to flash the devil sign, but did the peace sign instead… so…

See?! I’m so street, yet so peace and sparkles…

Aaaaanynowhos… I am honored and seriously shocked… and honored to be included.

Any number… any place… Thank you.

*takes a buffalo stance* Because I may be likeable, but… don’t test me. I have glitter spray and know how to use it.


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