Rainbow gelatin orange wedges: A.K.A. jello, oranges and obsessive trimming

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I have kids and stuff, and I see cool things on the interwebz (like these rainbow gelatin orange wedges) and think, “My kids would dig that!”

Then I further think, “My kids would love me more and tell all people to the ends of the earth of my awesome if I did this kind-of ‘uber-engaged mom’ sort-of thing.”

Then I don’t do it.

But then I see people like my friend Shauna (yes, I wrote “my friend” and will continue to do so until she files for a restraining order… or a cease and desist thing-a-ma-bob… but I doubt she will because she’s pretty busy making her own jello wedgies… um…)

Where was I going with this?

OH. Then I saw that MY FRIEND SHAUNA (you read that right…) made them… and I was all – GAME. ON.


A jello rainbow!

It’s like a rainbow of orange wedges. Like literally-ish. With the exception it’s a full circle and there are fewer colors. And stuff.

So. One would think this little project would be easy.

Funny how theories work.

And ’tis why I am no theorylogian.


Aaanywho… Here’s how ya do it… You take oranges and cut them in half and empty their innards:

muffin tin and empty-bodied oranges

Which sounds pretty straighforward, but… It was labor intensive, especailly for a girl like me who only has one of those glass hand juicer thingies. And is slightly literal and exact when it comes to copying following a recipe.

I knew I had perhaps taken it a tad too far when I found myself hunkered over the trash can with my orange-halves and scissors… in order to trim the orange hairs/pulp things from the edges.

I trimmed my oranges.

Who has time for that???

P.S. Citrus stings. Owie.

muffin tin and empty-bodied oranges

So. Then you take your trimmed orange halves *eyes go wild* and place the halves in a muffin tin…. Carefully pour jello into the halves. I used 3 colors because I couldn’t bear to make a 4th, (green). But it was fine because the blue jello in the orange cup kinda looked green, so really it was fine. And I am not the least obsessive.

oranges all jello-ed out!

Happy girl is happy with orange (but blue, but kinda-green) jello wedge…

happy kid is happy with jello slice

Go ahead, kiddo… have more – oranges are good for you!

take one, kid!

Taste the rainbow, baby…


I don’t know how the others got theirs so trimmed and clear-looking. But regardless, these are still pretty cool…

jello slices

P.S. What did we do with all that fresh orange juice?

We made frozen orange juice cubes. But I have no pictures. You’ll have to trust me…. Do you trust me?


And also sparkles.


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