Puppies, martinis with bunny ears, the Hard Rock Cafe, and my campers return

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It hasn’t even been a week since I returned from Chicago and the BlogHer conference.

I still haven’t finished the post I started writing about leaning in with with Sheryl Sandberg.

Nor the post I have started about all the friends I saw while in Chicago.

Instead, I’ve been trying to keep this girl entertained while big brother and sister are at camp…

And our house is on the market, so that’s always a fun thing.


I sent a couple of packages to Livi at camp and found I was having probably too much fun with tape. I’m doing a post about washi tape and assorted other designed tapes and I got all my samples last week so of you see me walking around with awesome tape on my butt, you’ll know why…

Of course Gus is always somewhere under foot, or on the bed, or napping on my computer…

And coffee…

The last 2 weeks, if you’ve seen me wearing work-out wear it is not because I have been working out. It’s because I am just hoping that if I wear workout clothes people will think I work out. It’s all about making people think what you want them to think… And/or being comfortable.

Were you thinking I was sucking in my belly? BECAUSE I WAS. I have not exercised in 2+ weeks, and even when I DO exercise… I have to suck in.

You know what you can’t suck in?


I really wish that when I sucked in, it would work on my arms.

I digress.


After we got back from the park, the girls asked if they could *wash* my car windows. Once completed, they found the liquid chalk paint stuff and left a message for me on my window…

Have you ever seen a martini with bunny ears?


My husband’s band (Garage Heroes – their Facebook page is here) played at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle…

Garage Heroes at Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle

Rock on.

But no matter how hard you or your husband’s band rocks… the gas tank always has to get filled.

It hurts every time…


I missed her so hard this week. As I am typing this, I am waiting for my son to return from his camp. Less than 2 more hours!!! It’s at times like these I realize, “Gosh. I think I really DO love my kids!”

But seriously. I do. I am so excited they got to go and do fun things with friends and make memories that they will always look back on fondly. But I am gladder to have them back with me.

So I can control them. And it’s really hard to take embarrassing pictures of them when they are not around!

Enough about me… how has your week been? Are you gearing up for back-to-school yet? Oh my gosh, I think I just stressed me out. A friend of wrote on Facebook the other day, “146 days til Christmas!”

I had a minor heart attack about that one. Holy cow.

Do I have to go back and proofread this?


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