Project We: Smiles

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Smiles. Where would the world be without smiles?

Where would I be without my girl?

I would be living a life with fewer wrinkles smiles…

We Smile

The night we took these pictures… What a great night.

Olivia, my daughter and author of Bubble Gum Rocks, was a “Little Sister” in a local scholarship pageant. The pageant after-party had a dance floor and a DJ.

There is little Olivia insists on. She’s pretty go-with-the-flow. There is very little she BEGS for. So when she said, “Mom. I REALLY want to stay until the very, VERY end.”… It was a no brainer. This was her night to dance the night away. Not that it was a sacrifice, ya know… a DJ and a dance floor and whathaveyou…

And we did. The DJ had to start packing up before she was content with leaving. And even then… she insisted she and one of her fellow little sisters were the last of everyone to walk out the doors.


She is my lifetime of smiles – on my face and in my heart…

*What is Project We? Check it out here and check out the writing prompt at Kids Can Blog here!*


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