Project Sparkle: Notes and Pictures of Supreme Awesome for Ian and His Family!

Hi friends!

So there’s this little boy who has been undergoing chemotherapy for a few weeks now.


Positive Fight Mode for Ian via @jennyonthespot | jennyonthespot.com

You can read the full story here.

You can check out the still-under-construction website here.

You can find the shiny new Facebook page here.

Ian has a sister in 5th grade (Jenna), a sister in 9th grade (Rachel), and a brother  (Andrew) in his senior year of high school.

Right now, Tanya (Ian’s mom), Ian and Jenna are living in a separate apartment during Ian’s treatment, while Chris (Ian’s dad) stays in their home with the older two.

There are a whole bunch of fundraising efforts currently underway…. their financial need is GREAT. But it’s not allllll about money.

What do we have that’s even bigger than our collective bank accounts…


Hey. I know!!! Why don’t we write letters! Or draw pictures! … Choose positive words and shower the Gunnell family with encouragement and hope… through with images, art, and words. OUR HEARTS.  This is a GREAT way to get your children involved in blessing and serving others.

Create something for Ian to encourage him as he fights a great big positive fight.

Create something for Jenna, who has had to go to a new school. It’s a great new school, just for siblings of children serious illnesses. But she’s had to leave her friends. Her home.

Create something for Rachel and Andrew as they are entering 9th and 12th grades with their family separated. The first year of high school for Rachel, and Andrew’s senior year. Each significant milestone years… each having to make significant adjustments and I imagine, having to grow up a little bit faster… and carry a bigger load than most of their peers.

And Chris and Tanya… mom and dad. Encourage them. My mama’s heart aches. The stress and burden I imagine they must bear… I know I really have no idea. They are making hard decisions, watching their son struggle, and working to be strong for their kids. Encourage them.

Send your letters and/or pictures of hope, encouragement and love to the Gunnell family member of your choice – or ALL… things for them to tuck away to read during a difficult, sleepless night… things to hang up on a wall… things to brighten and lift and add some sparkle…. to remind them they are loved and being prayed for…

The Gunnell Family (Ian, Chris, Tanya, Andrew, Rachel, Jenna)

C/O Jenny On The Spot

P.O. Box 427

Poulsbo, WA 98370

I’m not going to put an end date… just send, send, send!

(That’s my business mailing address, not my home…  I’m kinda just running with this. If there’s a better address later, I’ll update… but for now I’ll make sure your Notes and Pictures Of Supreme Awesome get to the family.)

P.S. GO AHEAD AND SHARE! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, email… You don’t have to know the Gunnell family to let them know we are out here cheering, hoping and praying. The more the merrier. LITERALLY! PFM for Ian!!!

*sparkle sparkle shine*


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Peace and Sparkles!


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14 Responses to “Project Sparkle: Notes and Pictures of Supreme Awesome for Ian and His Family!”

  1. Brittany says:

    If we can do anything we can send crafty pieces of LOVE!

    This also makes me think, we do this for soldiers and there are sites where you can sign up and find a soldier to send something to. Is there a site like this for people who need a boost? I’d be all about regularly being a sparkle boost for people.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Andrea says:

    There’s a big ole poster in the school Library for Jenna & Ian that kids/parents/teachers can sign too!

    • You are one of the greatest women I have ever been blessed to call friend. Such an awesome idea, Andrea! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Heather B says:

        You’re both amazing! Letters and P.O.S.A. (Pictures of Supreme Awesomeness) could also be dropped off at Vinland Elementary in the main office. We can get an envelope to Jenny to pass on 🙂

  3. Deborah Brown says:

    Jenny this looks great! Thank you for all you are doing with your blog and in many other ways to help the Gunnell Family 🙂 You too are awesome. PFM


    • You are so kind, Deborah… It is amazing to see so many people stepping up and taking initiative to dig in and help this family. I am in awe of how giving and absolutely beautiful this movement of support has become 🙂 PFM!

  4. gnome517 says:

    Hey, I have a friend who lives in Indianola and works at Children’s. He’s on vaca for the next few days, but I am positive he would be a mailman for us regularly, if needed.

  5. Michelle says:

    Do you know if Ian has a favorite character or color??
    This is a fabulous idea!
    My Mama heart aches every time I see this.
    Big love to that family.

  6. We are going to make ours this weekend and send them along. You’re doing an amazing thing by helping to cheer up the family.

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