Positive Fight Mode for Ian is in FULL EFFECT

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Positive Fight Mode for Ian!

In the few short weeks since Ian’s diagnosis (you can read more about that here)(and feel free to share, share, SHARE!), it is AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL to see how many people have come together to support the Gunnell family as their lives turn upside down.

We are fortunate to be living in an age of such profound social technology. It has been amazing to see and hear about the flow of emails and private messages and Facebook posts and shares as a community comes together to support a family… as they support their son and little brother.

And it’s not just our local community. The web of support is growing by the hour. As I sit here on my couch at almost midnight on a Friday night… it is quiet. But if the internet made noise, the sound would almost be deafening for all the activity and planning that is underway on behalf of the Gunnell family.

In an age where negative news holds our television screens and browsers hostage, in this moment, here is a time we all get to witness the heart of the best of humanity. To be connected. To care together. To serve together. To pray together. It is astounding to the Gunnell family that strangers would care so much. I know it leaves me almost breathless that even in the quiet of my own home I am seeing the most beautiful side of people.

So many have been asking how they can help. There are going to many physical ways people can help, but there is the simplest of ways too… online donation. It is finally all set-up and ready! Just click the button below. Every little bit helps. It’s amazing how pennies add up, y’all. And prayers… keep on going with those prayers…


 PFM for Ian!

The site is in process, but that is a great place to go to keep up on new news. A Facebook page is also coming. It just takes time to get all the pieces together. Thanks to all who have shared, and please feel free to pass this on, or my previous post with more detail… and DEFINITELY the PFM for Ian website will be the very best place for information.

You guys rock. And, GO IAN!


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