Polka Dot Pumpkins Are the New Black: Polka Dot Pumpkin Tutorial

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Have you ever thought, “I think pumpkins would be cuter with polka dots painted on them.”

ME. TOO!!!

Polka dot pumpkins for Halloween?!!!

Is there awesome in that?… THE YES!

painted polka dot pumpkins via @jennyonthespot

I am not going to say this project isn’t messy. And I am not going to say I didn’t have to break out the q-tips and do some micro-managing on bleeding paint…

HOWEVER. I will say it is easier that using knives or sewing… and there is no math involved.

You read that right… NO MATH!

And it is something the kids can TOTALLY be involved in. It’s a bit messy (hello, PAINT) be you kid, be you mom. But the results are off -the-chart cute, so…

This is how I made that there pumpkin you see above:

how to paint polka dot pumpkins tutorial via @jennyonthespot

  1. Get a pumpkin. Any size. Wash ‘er up and make sure she’s dry.
  2. Apply circle stickers. Really give them a good rub. I used 1″ circles because it was the only size I could find in the office section over there at the Walmart. Really, whatever suits your fancy. My fancy was I didn’t want to drive to another store to find 1.5″ stickers.
  3. Paint with black. I used  Plaid acrylic paint.
  4. Let the first coat dry, then apply another.
  5. I didn’t let the paint fully dry before removing the stickers. Mostly because I am not one who is given to much patience.
completed painted polka dot pumpkins via @jennyonthespot
We had some black paint bleeding into the circles. Because the paint was not dry and I probably didn’t rub the circles enough, and also that stuff just happens. However it was easy to clean up with q-tips. I also did some touching up of the black where some of the dry paint peeled off when removing the stickers. Touching up was rather quick, but detailed.

apinted polka dot pumpkins! via @jennyonthespot

Another, super-duper-easy-peasy option is that there pumpkin with white dots. I used a circle sponge and white acrylic paint. It took, like 2 minutes.



Think of the possibilities! Blue dots, green dots, yellow dots, purple dots… BLACK dots.

Endless polka-dotty-2-minute goodness all up in there…

P.S. I would not leave these cuties sitting outside unprotected. I have not tested this theory, but I think rain and dew would make the paint cry. Just sayin’.

For other little pumpkin-like ideas, check out this post about the 50 shades of pumpkins with a few cute pumkin decorating ideas… and a peek at how I decorate for fall.

BY THE WAY… Think you’ve seen this before? YOU HAVE! This was originally posted in October 2011. But polka dots never go out of style!!! And it’s that time of year again! So, if you you make polka dot pumpkins of your own, I’d LOVE to see them and feature your creations on a show-off post! Hop over to my Facebook page, upload your picture or post with pictures there and I’ll put a lil somethin’ together here linking to your shared creative efforts right before Halloween!

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