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*I am excited to be a Featured Plum Organics blogger! Thanks to Plum Organics for sponsoring this post. All opinion and recommendations are my own.*

We are full-throttle into the new school year. We are doing lots of things, and much of those lots of things require running about. What do you keep on hand to help your after-school routine run smoothly? I make sure I have handy, resealable snacks (like Plum Organics Mashups), a Moleskine notebook, and colored pens.

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I like Plum Organics Mashups because they are SO transportable and well… ORGANIC.

I like them even more because MY KIDS like to eat them. There’s nothing quite like feeling all prepared for an afternoon of running around and realizing the kids won’t eat the snack they need to make it through to dinner. What a pain! I like the Berry Mashups because MY KIDS LIKE THE BERRY MASHUPS. Ahhh… harmony.

My after-school essentials: Plum Organics Berry Mashups, a Moleskine notebook, & markers
Also, I couldn’t survive without my Moleskine and happy, colored pens. I use my Moleskine like a journal. But I also use it for keeping my gigantic and ever-revolving to-do lists in one place. Before I adopted the use of my journal for everything, I was a notecard and post-it girl. Those notes were only helpful when I could find them. How quickly they’d get lost or buried or mindlessly thrown in the trash. A lost note is not a helpful note.

Furthermore, my journal is a great boredom buster for the kids. My thoughts inside are not so private I can’t hand it over to Lucy to practice her spelling words, or for a bit of drawing to creatively and colorfully kill 10 minutes while waiting for brother, or sister, or dad. I honestly don’t know what I ever did before incorporating this notebook into my life.

A peek inside my won journal.
How about you? What are your go-to after-school, lifesaving items? What can’t you live without as you tackle those very busy after-school hours… from rehearsals to practices to homework…

Knowing the effort it takes to take on the after-school routine, I am excited to let you know that Plum Organics is sponsoring a wonderful giveaway here AND on their Facebook page (read: TWO CHANCES!). Go to their Facebook app to see what is in this SUPER AFTERSCHOOL ESSENTIALS giveaway! The giveaway bag is packed with Plum Organics goodies and items curated by other moms. So you know this giveaway is going to hit the after-school-essentials spot!

Did you go look?

Did ya?

Are you impressed?

There is a lot of good stuff in that Afterschool Essentials bag:

    • • A Plum OrganicsToteBag
    • • 5 CouponsforPlumKids
    • • 1 Lifefactory Reusable Water Bottle
    • • 1 Kiss My Face Sunscreen Stick
    • • 1 Kindle Fire
    • • 1 Moleskine Pocket Notebook
    • • 1 Pack of Crayola Markers
    • • 1 Pouch of Bananagrams
    • • 1 Pack of Cleanwell Sanitizing Wipes
    • • 2 Pouches of Fruit Shredz
    • • 2  Pouches of Fruit/Veggie Shredz
    • • 2 Packs of Jammy Sammys
    • • 1 Blueberry Blitz Mashup Pouch
    • • 1 Carroty Chop Mashup Pouch
    • • 1 Berry Mashup Pouch
    • • 1 Pack of Slam Dunx

I mentioned before, there are two places you can win… 1) the Plum Organics Facebook app where you will be automatically entered to win & where you can also download a coupon, and 2) right here!

My contest here goes like this: Visit Plum Organics Facebook App, come back, and share YOUR after-school essential in a comment. A comment is mandatory for entry. You can get an additional entry by liking Plum Organics and a third by liking me – Jenny On the Spot on Facebook! Please use the Rafflecopter widget to record your entries!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

From Plum Organics: Plum Organics is a leading provider of nutritious organic baby food, toddler and kid snack foods. Plum’s inspired recipes and a modern approach to family nutrition make it the only brand that offers a complete line of products that ensure healthy eating from the highchair to the lunchbox. Plum’s line of kid snacks, Plum Kids, is a line lunchbox snacks designed for elementary school-age kids and beyond.

Learn more about the Plum Kids line of snacks on their website here and learn more about their food philosophy here: Plum Organics Resource Center.

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