Plenti Loyalty Program and My Memorial Day Preparations!

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So there’s this really cool new app… a loyalty program… an app AND loyalty program.

It’s called Plenti. If you’ve been to Rite Aid or Macy’s chances are you have heard about it…

Plenti Loyalty Program at Rite Aid and macy's

*I’m participating as a compensated blog ambassador for the Plenti program. All opinion and experience are my own.

The long and short of it is… when you spend dollars at participating partners, you get rewards to spend with all their participating partners. Partners currently include AT&T, ExxonMobil, Macy’s, Nationwide Insurance, Rite Aid, Direct Energy, Enterprise Rent-a-Car and Hulu with plans to grow in the coming year. Imagine, earning rewards for paying your phone bill online. You have to pay that bill anyway! Or gas… oh the the money that goes straight into the gas tank… a few reward points helps take away the sting.

Plenti Loyalty Program

The concept is really simple. For example, when you shop at certain grocery stores you receive incentives to use at that store ONLY… but with Plenti you can use your earnings with ALL of the partners. Not just the store you are making purchases in. Plenti, a multi-brand rewards program, is also free to join (you can join HERE!)

Before I headed out to do my Memorial Day barbecue shopping, I hopped online and set up my Plenti account. I downloaded the app on my phone and I logged in. It took me three minutes. TOPS. Then I was on my way to get my shopping on. But you don’t have to enroll online, you can also enroll at retail locations.

When I checked out at Macy’s, I opened my app… the Macy’s associate scanned it and I paid with my Macy’s card. I got the extra savings I get when I use my Macy’s card (20% off my purchase – BOOM!) AND I received DOUBLE Plenti points.

The same happened at Rite Aid, except I got to hand over my Wellness card for good. Read: ONE LESS CARD IN MY WALLET.

Plenti Loyalty Program

Now I want all the places to partner with Plenti. In this day and age, it is RIDICULOUS how many reward cards are in my wallet.

When I headed into Rite Aid to buy party food and fun things for our Memorial Day barbecue, I opened my Plenti app and I was given the option to use my points to pay.

Shopping at Rite Aid using the Plenti Loyalty Program

I had just been to Macy’s and dropped a few dollars to make sure we could make ice cream, popcorn, and secured some barware so the adults could skip the Solo cups…

Purchases from Macy's using Plenti Loyalty ProgramOh. and I got a new blouse.


I mean… there’s always room for a polka dot top.

I digress…

I had accumulated a fair number of points at Macy’s. I have to say it felt pretty good to have the Plenti app recognize my spending effort at Rite Aid and… well… reward me. I chose not to use my points… yet. But I will. Until then, I will have to make ice cream and coordinate fun games for Memorial Day.

Plenti Loyalty Program purchases for Memorial Day

I am pretty jazzed about the Plenti Loyalty Program. I am not a huge coupon shopper, but I do carry around a lot of rewards cards and put them to good use, I might add. I am excited for the opportunity to rid my wallet of the bulk, and make sure I make the most out of my purchases.

How about you? Have you signed up for Plenti? If not, you can do so HERE! Have you heard of it yet? Do you use other loyalty programs? Are you tired of hauling around a bulky wallet?


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