Photo-A-Day: The last 10 of February

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Herefollows my versions of @fatmumslim’s photo a day challenge. I was in Nashville 5 of the 10 days shared here. Which means I didn’t always take THE photo on THE day. Hey… just keepin’ it real…

Speaking of real, you know what I hate to do?

I hate folding laundry

FOLD LAUNDRY. That was a no-brainer, folks.


Did you know I used to be a teacher? I had IMPECCABLE handwriting. My whiteboard writing skills were ENVIABLE. But since then, my handwriting has taken a nose-dive. Due to smartphones and typing. Therefore, I give you handwriting of my 6 year old. Which, to be honest… is not all that different from my own.


This is Lucy’s birthday wish list: Lala Loopsy Barbie Doll, stuffed animal (she is a stuffed animal FREAK… her tactile mind LOVES the touching of all things soft…), and an American Girl doll.

She also wanted a pony, a dog, and a laptop.


This is a favorite photo of me. I had a hard time with this… I mean… THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD PICTURES OF ME!

*crickets chirping*

*shofts awkwardly*


This picture is my favorite right now. Not taken on the 21st, but close…

favorite photo

I love this picture. I love my kids. They drive me absolutely mad and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Just tonight, Lucy took a nap on her daddy’s lap while the older two and I jump roped in the living room. I tried doing a cartwheel into the jumprope because Olivia can do it, so why can’t I?


*applies ice on small of back*


I work from home. But this was the day I headed to Nashville for Blissdom. So, this was where I did some work on Feb. 22…

where I was working that day...


My shoes.

I love everything about them.

Except the pain.

But like my grandma always said… “Pain for beauty, Jennifer.”




This picture wins the award for MOST BORING PICTURE EVER:

inside the cabinet

At least there is coffee in there.


At the Opryland Hotel. Green. It is what it is…



Night. This one ties for MOST BORING PICTURE EVER:


That Jon Acuff  was one of the Blissdom keynotes. INSPIRING. That book on the tray? Quitter. I’ve made it through chapter two. Great book. I recommend…


What I ate:

I ate

Eggs. It’s whats for breakfast.


And money…


This is where I keep money. We have been doing the envelope system and have found it to be very effective. It takes some effort, time and organization… and I love it.


And on the 29th I listened to… rain and melting snow…

I am listening to rain and melting snow

And it would seem we need to clean our gutters and eaves.

Add it to the list.

Add it to. the. list.


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