Photo-A-Day: The last 10 of February

Herefollows my versions of @fatmumslim’s photo a day challenge. I was in Nashville 5 of the 10 days shared here. Which means I didn’t always take THE photo on THE day. Hey… just keepin’ it real…

Speaking of real, you know what I hate to do?

I hate folding laundry

FOLD LAUNDRY. That was a no-brainer, folks.


Did you know I used to be a teacher? I had IMPECCABLE handwriting. My whiteboard writing skills were ENVIABLE. But since then, my handwriting has taken a nose-dive. Due to smartphones and typing. Therefore, I give you handwriting of my 6 year old. Which, to be honest… is not all that different from my own.


This is Lucy’s birthday wish list: Lala Loopsy Barbie Doll, stuffed animal (she is a stuffed animal FREAK… her tactile mind LOVES the touching of all things soft…), and an American Girl doll.

She also wanted a pony, a dog, and a laptop.


This is a favorite photo of me. I had a hard time with this… I mean… THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD PICTURES OF ME!

*crickets chirping*

*shofts awkwardly*


This picture is my favorite right now. Not taken on the 21st, but close…

favorite photo

I love this picture. I love my kids. They drive me absolutely mad and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Just tonight, Lucy took a nap on her daddy’s lap while the older two and I jump roped in the living room. I tried doing a cartwheel into the jumprope because Olivia can do it, so why can’t I?


*applies ice on small of back*


I work from home. But this was the day I headed to Nashville for Blissdom. So, this was where I did some work on Feb. 22…

where I was working that day...


My shoes.

I love everything about them.

Except the pain.

But like my grandma always said… “Pain for beauty, Jennifer.”




This picture wins the award for MOST BORING PICTURE EVER:

inside the cabinet

At least there is coffee in there.


At the Opryland Hotel. Green. It is what it is…



Night. This one ties for MOST BORING PICTURE EVER:


That Jon Acuff  was one of the Blissdom keynotes. INSPIRING. That book on the tray? Quitter. I’ve made it through chapter two. Great book. I recommend…


What I ate:

I ate

Eggs. It’s whats for breakfast.


And money…


This is where I keep money. We have been doing the envelope system and have found it to be very effective. It takes some effort, time and organization… and I love it.


And on the 29th I listened to… rain and melting snow…

I am listening to rain and melting snow

And it would seem we need to clean our gutters and eaves.

Add it to the list.

Add it to. the. list.


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6 Responses to “Photo-A-Day: The last 10 of February”

  1. Chantelle says:

    Love the rain pic! 🙂 Also wanted to tell you that I’ve been watching you over time and you’ve inspired me to finally do a video and just be myself. Your videos are my all time favorites. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Love the drops dropping, gorgeous! And I also Detest laundry!! Like with a big huge Capital D!!! Like underlined and highlighted and put in neon lights Detest!!! Are we clear on how much I Detest laundry?!?!?! MMmmmkk…You did good, I gave up on the whole Photo a Day thing….*hangs her head in shame. February just seemed to drag on and on for me, was it like that for anyone else. Praise God Almighty it’s finally over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. There should be a question mark in there ^^^^^^ Sry! =)

  4. carole says:

    do you have a blog post on your envelope system? i would love to read about it! thanx

  5. The Lazy Mom says:

    As a pastor’s wife I’d just like to personally thank you for the “tithe” envelope in your envelope system. ROCK ON!

  6. Lu says:

    You know, I think it is time for me to jump back on the picture a day bandwagon. I miss shooting.

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