Packing Tips for the Poor Decider

a.k.a How Jenny Packs

In my OLD way of packing for trips, I would decide on entire outfits… then pack the pants, shirts, undies, glitter, etc…

And then I’d get to wherever it was I was going and forget…Β What pants with what shirt? What? Who? How? Huh???

I know it shouldn’t be so difficult, but for me it has been. It has been said that times of trial can bring triumph. If not before just now, I just did, so it has been said…

I digress.

And out of my own struggle I have developed a strategy.

post-it notes for outfits

Seriously. This is what my life/packing has come to.

I decide on entire outfits (even undies), pack each outfit together… and just like a cherry on top I stick a post-it note on the top of each outfit…. Monday, Monday evening… etc… so forth and so-onforthandsuch.



What little packing tips do YOU have that have rocked your own world? Please share? You may rock the world of someone else too!


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24 Responses to “Packing Tips for the Poor Decider”

  1. Kerry says:

    Love this Jenny πŸ™‚ Love the saying on the post-it too. You crack me up. x

  2. jennielynn says:

    We had a packing seminar for Kate’s trip to Scotland and her teacher recommended Space Bags to conserve space. 2 weeks in a changeable climate and each kid needs to take their costumes for the performance? Yeah, we’ll be taking this tip to heart!

  3. I have become a little ocd in my mama years, and with four kids packing is a humungo chore. So I bought a whole bunch of humungo zip lock bags and I do just what you do with the post it notes but it’s all four kids in one big ziplock – sunday jammies, monday, monday jammies, nice clothes for a beach photo shoot, etc. I get to head for the beach this weekend so this daunting chore is a weight on my shoulders right now as we speak. The work might be daunting but the reward is so so worth it! Hope you’re enjoying your fun family vaca as we speak!! I love your blog. You are adorable! I enjoy getting to know you online.

  4. Michelle W says:

    I have reallized that when visiting my folks (cause that is the only vacation we get-meh), my husband and I only wear TWO PAIRS OF PANTS EACH. Every trip. So, we learned not to pack more than that.
    It saves a whole bunch of haulin’!

  5. meg duerksen says:

    i do this….minus the post it…..but then to make it all a mess….i throw in a bunch of extra shirts just before i close it up. and then i get there and i can’t remember what went with what? why did i bring this?
    you have got the world’s problems figured out girl.
    all we need is a cute post it.

  6. Christine says:

    It is probably better to pre-think outfits than waste valuable vacation time doing it. I just need to know where you got those post-its. Must HAVE!!

  7. I do that on longer trips, most especially for my daughter. Everyone else can just put together whatever they want, it all mixes nicely.
    I never really thought about doing it for myself, wonderful idea tho!

  8. Lisa says:

    Packing is a nightmare for me. Just wait until Type-A. It’s a hot mess. But, I’m going to try some of these tricks in order to try and make it less painful.

    Now, tell me what to do with my overload of cosmetics???

  9. Andrea says:

    Love your post-it’s sister!!! The last big trip we took was to Oralando (if you can beleive them apples!) and I put an outfit a day in a zip loc bag, squished all the air out, and it was the best system ever. When we take local trips, I actually pack up the laundry basket(s) 1 is full of clothes, and the other is full of snacks, hair-dryer etc. As the week goes on the empty one (because snacks and whatnot are gone or used, dirty clothes go in… and we reverse it all. Yes–I am the crazy lady taking laundry baskets camping!!!! It works awesome!

  10. I totally do this for my kiddos (well, for my daughter – I claim no control/knowledge of why my son puts together red running pants with a navy stripe with his green/yellow John Deere tshirts) but without the post its.

    I love the idea of the zip lock bags but since I unpack EVERYTHING when we get to our hotel, I can’t control what they wear. *sighs*

    I have to pack for 4 days in Barcelona and then a 10 day Disney cruise, complete with a suit for the hubs, shoes (the death of me when packing) AND princess dresses for Maddie to wear at dinner. *falls on the floor*

    Glad to know I’m not the only OCD one out there.

  11. Chele says:

    Jenny, I so needed this. I pack almost the same way as you then get there and it’s all a mess. I end up putting this shirt with these pants instead, etc. I need to try the post it notes and/or ziploc bags. I would love to hear tips on shoes too cause boy I can’t decide before I go and 1/2 of my bag has an assortment of shoes. lol. Thanks again, love this post! If you don’t mind, I would love to add this to my favorite reads this week on my blog! Great timing since Type-A is coming up!

  12. The Lazy Mom says:

    My best traveling tip (if’n I do say so myself)… http://www.imalazymom.com/2010/05/lazy-mom-tip.html

  13. Amy says:

    When going somewhere for multiple days, I decide if I’m going with a black or brown base. Basically I don’t want to pack lot’s of different shoes or sweaters/jackets for my different outfits. So I pick my shoes first (brown or black boots, sandals, -whatevers) and then pick my clothes to go with the shoes.

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  15. Space Savers Correspondent says:

    What a clever packing idea, Jenny! Labeling each outfit for the occasion it should be warn will definitely help cut down on indecisiveness during the trip. Just wanted to offer up some additional packing tips from Space Bag’s online community. The Space Savers community has general space-saving and organizing advice, and information on how our Space Bag To Go Bags can help you save space in your luggage. For more info on the bags, which don’t require a vacuum to compress – making them perfect for vacation – and to read our tips, visit http://www.SpaceSaversCommunity.com. Hope you enjoy your vacation!

    Best wishes,
    Space Savers community correspondent

  16. Kimmiwah says:

    The OCD monster in me asks: “What happens if the post it notes are victim to a sudden windstorm in your suitcase though?” πŸ™‚

    For our girls, I roll their clothes together. I complete an outfit (or pajama set) with shirt, pants/skirt/shorts and socks and roll it together. This serves two purposes for us. 1) I don’t have to hunt down small socks while getting them ready and 2)the hubs can get them dressed while I am getting ready and I don’t have to redress them.

    When they go to Grandma’s, I’ve done the ziploc bag thing too! I put the outfits in a pack and then label them with a post-it note on top of the clothes inside of the bag for fear of sudden windstorms.

  17. […] anyone! Bloggers who go on trips to conferences or anyone that travels. Jenny On The Spot shared Packing Tips for the Poor Decider. I so needed this, I am horrible at […]

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