Packing Tips for the Poor Decider

by | May 20, 2011 | Tips | 22 comments

a.k.a How Jenny Packs

In my OLD way of packing for trips, I would decide on entire outfits… then pack the pants, shirts, undies, glitter, etc…

And then I’d get to wherever it was I was going and forget… What pants with what shirt? What? Who? How? Huh???

I know it shouldn’t be so difficult, but for me it has been. It has been said that times of trial can bring triumph. If not before just now, I just did, so it has been said…

I digress.

And out of my own struggle I have developed a strategy.

post-it notes for outfits

Seriously. This is what my life/packing has come to.

I decide on entire outfits (even undies), pack each outfit together… and just like a cherry on top I stick a post-it note on the top of each outfit…. Monday, Monday evening… etc… so forth and so-onforthandsuch.



What little packing tips do YOU have that have rocked your own world? Please share? You may rock the world of someone else too!


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