Out Late On A School Night (a.k.a. The Night We Went to Disney On Ice)

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We totally stayed out late on a school night.


Disney On Ice Presents Rockin' Ever AfterThank you to Feld Entertainment for providing tickets for my family to attend Disney On Ice Presents Rockin’ Ever After at Comcast Arena in Everett!

School nights are usually reserved for homework, football practice, play rehearsals, and reminding the kids to clean up after dinner. And reminding them some more.

So it was OK BY ME to escape the routine for a night. It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to visit a Disney On Ice production. It seems the regular responsibilities and commitments of life often push off our ability to press pause and escape.

Disney On Ice Presents Rockin' Ever AfterAfter a few busy years of passing on little adventures and being all “responsible” with the family I stopped and told my self, “SELF… If not now, WHEN?”

Sure, it’s a little effort… to plan to get away (even if only for an evening). But there are always lots of things to be done. They’ll be there when we get back.

As the mom of a 14, 11, and 8 year old… I am realizing the day my kids will no longer be kids is not far off.

It’s gettin’ really real all up in my reality, y’all.

So, on Thursday night…

  • – We drove onto a ferry and napped until we docked.
  • – Google Maps took us to a restaurant that wasn’t there.
  • – We filled our bellies with pizza. Except for Lucy, she ate fish and chips.
  • – We got our fill of Disney magic… ON ICE!
  • – We ate some Dippin’ Dots and cotton candy (SUGAR WIN!!!).
  • – I learned Lucy has never seen Beauty and the Beast (GASP!).
  • – We worked together to find the least-traveled path home.
  • – We got home LATE.
  • – No one brushed their teeth before bed (shhhhh).
  • – We woke eeeearly Friday morning – ALL tired, ALL happy, ALL thankful

Taking time together as a family is so important. From spontaneous trips to the park, to a movie or game night at home, to vacations together, or to an evening out… there are lots of ways to make fun memories.

Disney On Ice Presents Rockin' Ever After

If not now, when?

I don’t have to tell you about the magic of Disney. Disney = Magic. Disney On Ice presents Rockin’ Ever After was just as magical as you’d expect from Disney. With music and performance pieces featuring Disney Pixar’s BRAVE, Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Tangled and Beauty and the Beast.

My favorite? The Little Mermaid – UNDER THE SEA… I just love that song. The colors. The costumes. Oh the happy.

Or Beauty and the Beast’s …. Be Our Guest. I just.

I just.

And Lucy?

Ariel did some air-acrobatics thing and…

Disney On Ice Presents Rockin' Ever After
Lucy stared and dreamed, “I WANT TO BE HER.”

Coming from a girl who scales door frames in mindless boredom, I don’t doubt her words for one second.

As we head into an historically over-busy time of year… take time for family. MAKE time for family. We’re not getting any younger, and neither are our kiddos. Steal time if you have to.

Disney On Ice Presents Rockin’ Ever After is traveling across the country and runs through May. Visit Disney On Ice for ticket and show information.

But whatever you do, do it. You will never, ever regret choosing family time. And I dare you to take a family selfie. I might even dare to say once you start… you won’t be able to stop.

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