Orla Kiely Meets Method!

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WHY OH WHY does cleaning have such a STERILE reputation.


Let’s just say that most soap dispensers are not attractive. Just… bottles filled with colored soaps that smell… uh… soapy.

Oh but wait!


You totally just went all, “Oooh! Ahhh!” Didn’t you?


Just because something exists for the purpose of cleaning, doesn’t mean it should be hidden in the closet or under the sink!

Well, *certain* cleaning products SHOULD be kept with the rubber gloves and sponges… But not these beauties!

Method has teamed-up with talented and eco-minded pattern maker Orla Kiely.

These patterns…

orla patterns for method
In bottles filled with the quality and good-for-our skin ingredients that Method is famous and loved for.

PEOPLE. As delightful as the patterns are, so are the scents! There are four limited scents (pear ginger, bay leaf, primrose, and vanilla chai) for these lovely Orla Kiely patterns… which means I’ll be lucky if you finish reading this post before you run out to Target to get yours before they’re gone!


Oh how my nose loves to smell Method’s scent design… and how my eyes enjoy landing on the lovely patterned bottles created exclusively for Method by Orla Kiely!

Additional and AWESOME! From August 22 – August 31 US residents may enter to win 5 grand prizes of an Orla Kiely handbag filled to the brim with the limited collection Method + Orla Kiely line. 30 runner-ups will receive various Method + Orla Kiely products. SO mark you calendar to remind you to visit the Method Facebook page on August 22 to enter for your chance to win!

*Like all Method soaps, the formula is biodegradable and naturally derived and free of any dirty ingredients, like parabens, phthalates, triclosan and EDTA, and packaged in recyclable bottles made with 100% recycled plastic (PCR).

**Don’t put your soap on a pedestal. OR DO…

Method soap on a pedestal
*** I am proud to be one of the Method Mavens… which means I have known about this relationship between Method and Orla Kiely for quite some time and I was able to keep my lips sealed. It ALSO means I have a relationship with the Method family and Method really is a great family to be part of. Seriously. Also, my hand smell like Method’s Bay Leaf hand wash right now (Orla Kiely!) and it is really hard to type when one is smelling one’s hands.


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