Online Finds: Cute Things for Your Home

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The title really says it all,

Online Finds: Cute Things for Your Home

In other words… I love finding cute things that add charm to our home.

I actually don’t purchase items very often – part due to the monies and part due to I also do not like a whole lot of clutter.


I have been in my current home approximately 7.5 years and the general decor has stayed pretty much the same. I have been married 19.5 years and I still do not have bedroom furniture. Well, not GROWN-UP bedroom furniture. But I did retire the cardboard dresser from my college days many years ago… so progress, right?


All that shared… I am keeping my eyes open. I would call our style a mix of Pottery Barn, used/antique, and modern… for example, most of my picture frames are simple black, but we have our fair share of old furniture that could use a little TLC.

But my tastes are shifting. Perhaps thanks to idea resources such as Pinterest and the birth of charming online stores. Perhaps it’s my self-diagnosed, adult-onset ADHD.

As I wander the internet I find little treasures that inspire me to recreate in my home some of the happy things I see others are doing.

After years of straight black frames (which I still really do love) I am ready to try something(s) new. I have been so inspired, specifically by my friend Meg Duerksen’s style. Her use of color is happy making.

for your homeThese are photos I took at the Whatever Craft Weekend home when I went there (Kansas) in the Fall. (You can see more on FLickr here.) I think that, though I absolutely love living here in the Pacific NorthWET… I am missing something.

Say….. sunshine.

And color.

The long winter months are gray winter months and I am thinking that if I can’t get sunshine from the sky… I want to do what I can to bring it in our home.

I’ve digressed a little, but that’s normal so don’t be alarmed. I made that video on the spur of the moment – in my hot pink robe and all – as I was feeling very happy about my new cute things. Actually, I acquired the bubblegum print from Meg many months ago (THANK YOU MEG!!!) and as much as I loved it then… I love it more now. Who knew a HUGE bubblegum machine canvas print would fit so beautifully in a home. I always though bubblegum machines were for ice cream shops and pizza parlors.

My eyes have been opened. And also… laser cute cardboard chandeliers, FOR THE WIN!!! Who wouldda thunk???

Do you have any favorite online shops you go to for home decor? How about for baby gifts or wedding gifts? Clothing? Any hot little online boutiques I need to know about??? What’d you think about that laser cut cardboard chandelier????

*Links to these finds: Meg Duerksen’s shop (canvases and MORE!), sayhelloshop on Etsy, and deal site Pick Your Plum.

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