On Whiter Teeth, Family Reunions and… a Bed

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Oh friends.

So much, so much!

This is just a little round-up of sorts…

No. Literally, it’s a round-up. Grab a cup of coffee, or a Long Island Iced Tea… a cupcake or a plate of savory appetizers (my appetizer-o-choice are mozzerella sticks, I’m classy like that)… and enjoy!

• I tried Crest 3D White 2 Hour Strips and I liked it. Here. Dudes… totally check out my chompers!

Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Strips before and after

• How long has it been since you’ve seen your extended family? Libby’s is giving away a chance to reconnect – check out my family-loving post here!

• The New Balance Minumus (a.k.a AWESOME shoes!) – I am giving a pair away here. Ends Sept. 17!

• And $20 in Dove Ice Cream can be won here.

• A TEMPUR-Pedic bed – did you know the TEMPUR-Pedic peeps have combined forces with ME and we are working on giving a bed to someone very lucky and very special? Could it be YOU???

• Last but not least… a jumpsuit. Why? No reason except for all it’s awesome and I when I find awesome, I just want to share it with you… I am not giving it away. And I doubt it’s threads will ever be felt on my skin *weep*… I am simply drooling over it. Who knows, in a moment of weakness… who knows what a woman who is really lusting over a pantsuit will do… Oh have mercy:

Licorice Candy Cane Jumpsuit from Modcloth

    Have you ever seen anything more fabulous???!!! Maybe I need to roll those coins in the change jar…. *scheming*


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