On the long road home…

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from the Evo Conference.


My parents picked me up from The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah… and the 3 of us are road-tripping (15 hours – yipes!) to my home.

By the time you read this I will probably BE home, feeling like I got hit by a truck at one of the many truck stops we’ve be fortunate enough to encounter…

Did I tell you it is a 15 hour drive? My butt hurts.


I took a few pictures to show you some of the things I do to pass the time while I am busy road-tripping and suchessess…

On the road

  1. Ponder
  2. Experience shock at the latest in celebrity news, via People mag
  3. Flash myself the peace sign

Still on the road

  • It appears I make strange faces when reading texts and tweets on my phone
  • Use my sweatshirt as a pillow
  • Whistle

Garden of Eden???

And I visit rest stops. Like ones called, “Garden of Eden”. I think a rest stop called “Garden of Eden” located in the middle of Idaho is a great name for a rest stop.


Well, in it’s defense (and I’m am KICKING me for not getting a photo)… in the middle of the shop… placed in the center of the racks of Hostess snacks, engine oils, sody pops, shelves of candy bars and 5 Hour Energy bottles… was a “waterfall”, a few bistro table sets and dusty fake trees.

Ya know… all Eden-like.

And oh-so garden-esque!

Hitherhencetofore… a rest stop gas station/truck stop named — Garden Of Eden.

Gotta love the good ‘ol U S of A.


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