On the 8th day of the road trip my true love gave to me…


That’s not how the song goes!

We got to stay with my Gramma (yes, I spell grandma, GRAMMA. It’s the new black… Aaaaanywho….) for a few days. On our last day of eating her out of house and home we took it easy.

She lives in a retirement community. WITH A POOL… AND KID HOURS.

That meant my kids were pretty-much out of their minds waiting to take advantage of the aforementioned pool hours.

And I kept singing Sunshine on My Shoulders in my head all afternoon… (GO JOHN DENVER!)

Woohoo POOL time!!!

I know kids love to swim.

And I don’t mean to imply my kids love the pool more than any other kid(s)…



Except for me when I was a kid.

However, my childhood passion has reached an ebb.

I am now more of a “Put an umbrella in my fruity adult beverage AND DON”T SPLASH ME OR DIE” kind-of pool lover.


Now I just need a pool.

And a blanket made out of raincoat material.

What do you prefer… IN pool or pool SIDE?


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4 Responses to “On the 8th day of the road trip my true love gave to me…”

  1. Kristin says:

    I will happily enjoy a pool from any angle. As long as there aren’t fish bigger than me I will enjoy any body of water.

  2. Jo says:

    LOL…I enjoy swimming in pools, I have never been in the ocean….I do not enjoy ponds and/or lakes because of ‘le muck’ and I do not enjoy being splashed unless I am engaged in the activity myself…as in if I am sitting poolside and get wet,not of my own doing, someone is going to get HURT!! 😉

  3. Emily G says:

    Ah! I spell Grandma as Gramma too! Honestly, I’ve always been a bit of a spelling freak (and a vocab nerd), so I spelled it the “right” way, but my GRAMMA always signed her cards to us that way, so I embraced it. I love my Gramma!

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