On Instagram: Itsy Bitsy Spider is Neither Itsy NOR Bitsy

Fall approacheth.

This means SPIDERS.

Neither itsy NOR bitsy

I shared this picture on Instagram recently. It did not get a lot of “likes”… BECAUSE THIS IS NOT LIKEABLE!

Also, I can’t look at this picture without gagging.

I just… ICK!

I think I want to start featuring my favorite Instagram “conversations”. They say a picture is worth a thousand words… probably because everybody has something to say!

No… it was not a tarantula. I have no idea. While I was taking the picture, I prayed it was not a JUMPING SPIDER.
But my favorite comment is from Shana… KILL! IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!
I did not kill the spider. I ran back into the house. RAN.
Are you on Instagram? I am hard to find there… jennyonthespot… Go figure. If you’re there, let me know! I’d love to stalk follow you… how many thousands of words in pictures are in store for us?!!!


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9 Responses to “On Instagram: Itsy Bitsy Spider is Neither Itsy NOR Bitsy”

  1. Jenny, that’s just not right. It looks huge, furry, and what the heck…are there spikes on it? I would have screamed and ran far far away. There you are stopping and taking pictures of it. Crazy!

    • Actually, I saw it on the screen outside… went outside… and got up in it’s bidness and took a picture… and prayed it wouldn’t jump on my… and had the heebie jeeebies for about an hour afterwards. ALL FOR A *GOOD* PICTURE! I have lost my mind,

  2. Katie G says:

    So Saturday at rehearsal I will show you the spider that I am pretty sure my cat, Loki, aka “NO BAD KITTY” left me as a present in the laundry room two days ago. Oh the joys of Fall in NW WA, no?

  3. Dumblond says:

    I’m serious…you got a flame thrower?

  4. Michelle says:

    It’s bad luck to kill a spider! That one is creepy though…
    It looks like a brown recluse??Smart lady to run.

  5. Stasha says:

    I seen that picture on Instagram and quickly scrolled away.

    I had no words. . . Other than ACK!

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