Of all the things that needed to be done…

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Cleaning under my bed wasn’t one of them.


Do you ever find yourself so stressed about all the things on your list that you end up doing something that no one will ever notice? Like, not even YOURSELF?

The effort makes no progress toward a deadline, but it just feels like you checked something off that list?… It feels so good when you are done… Kind-of like how it feels after a good, long cry or run? Sometimes I cry when I run…

I digress…

That’s what’s been happening to me lately.

2 weeks ago it was the pantry…

then the laundry room…

And yesterday – UNDER MY BED.

Because that makes it look like I keep a clean home – because when people come over they look under one’s bed, right?

I had no idea I was an empty shoe-box hoarder. TEN shoe boxes. And a baby Croc.

One Croc, that was Lucy’s… 3 years ago *blink blink*

shoe boxes

In addition to the bevy of empty shoe boxes I found 2 dozen hair ties… And… A PAIR OF REALLY CUTE SHOES I HAD FORGOTTEN ABOUT!!!

*can I get a whut-whut?*

shoe/sandal love

{I took a picture of only one shoe because the nail poish on the big toe of my other foot was in disrepair. I decided a one-footed woman with 5 painted toenails looked better than 2 feet with 9 painted toenails. Unrelated, I am not known for my practical reasoning…}

So. The nethers of my bed is clean. It is vacuumed and purged of boxes. I now have one Caboodle with 80’s jewelry, and 2 shoe boxes – one keeping a pair of boots and the other is empty. Why an empty box?

I have no idea.

Baby steps.

So… what do you keep under YOUR bed???


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