Now I can check “Fashion Show” off my life list.

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Well, if I HAD a life list.

You know what’s cool about not having a life list, when you finally DO make one – a bunch of stuff can be checked off. I think one of the things I will definitely put on my life list will be “make a life list”. That way, I will be able to mark that off my list right away!


Aaanywho, yadda, yadda, yadda… I was in a fashion show… replete with women who would not share their hairspray.

But we won’t dwell on them. Let’s dwell on me fashion.

?On the catwalk, yeah… I shake, my little tush on the catwalk… ?

fashion show much?

1 – It was a catwalk with a T. I was walking to one side of the T. #glam

2 – Making my way to the T. Not tripping. Pretending like I know what I’m doing, but not so much really LOOKING like I know. But I didn’t care. Hello! CATWALK. LIGHTS. AUDIENCE. ONCE IN A LIFETIME!

3 – I can’t keep my mouth closed. EVER. Venus flycatcher much?

4 – Werkin’ the crowd. I decided just to go for it. I may never do it again, and I wanted no regrets. A little hip, a wink, and apparently an open mouth (see #3)…

5 (added) – The store owner (Hi Afshan!) requested I wear the dress as you see here, but I think next time you see me in this dress, I will probably throw on a belt (with sparkles) and some nylon leggings. I wish you could see my shoes. You would DIE.

Or not die. Aaaaanywho…

they loved me

And if you look at the happy faces of my public the audience… one might get the impression they probably think their money was well spent.

I am all about customer service…

…and also pretty sly about making this all about me.


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