Now for a Half-Marathon.

by | Sep 10, 2006 | Health | 2 comments

I’m probably crazy.

Now for a Half-Marathon.

I have decided to sign-up to run the Seattle Half-Marathon.

If I do know anything, I do know this: if I don’t have a goal, I won’t work-out.

Week 1 of 12 training weeks looked like this: 3 miles on Friday and 6 miles on Saturday. 4 of Saturday’s six were run consecutively, the remaining 2 were a mix of jogging and walking. Not the best week as far as training goes… But I did it, so it totally counts.

I haven’t given up money for this new brand of insanity, but I am training with my good ‘ol tri buddies, and the whole rain-run made us feel like we were hard-core. 

We’re not. But we felt like it. 

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Hi, I'm Jenny 🙂

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