Not sure what to write about, so… let's go free-form!

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“They” say one shouldn’t force it. If you don’t have anything to write about… then don’t.






My husband had the following conversation with Olivia (8) while in the car…

Paul: Whatcha doing in the mirror?

Olivia: Having a staring contest with myself

Olivia to her reflection: Shoot! You win!

Apparently she also lost a fashion contest with herself soon after.

It’s like she’s channeling me. Poor dear…

How about a picture?



[photo cred: NO IDEA.]

[Who in their right mind would take credit for this?]

[Furthermore, the photographer is probably lucky to still be alive, or at least have sight.]

[Can. You. IMAGINE?! There are just so many levels of not right… ]

[Leave it to my husband to find something like this… and post it on his Facebook wall.]

[At least this time he didn’t tag me in it.]

[Which I can’t say is true for this one…]

awkward, indeed


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