No-Sew, Thrifted Fabric Ideas: Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!

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I gotta be honest with y’all. I AM HAVING TOO MUCH NO-SEW FUN.


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This week I got a bit distracted by some pretty rad fabric I found on my trip to Value Village. Which is funny because I’m not a sewing-person. I CAN sew. I just know that Superman avoids kryptonite and I avoid needles that accelerate when a pedal is pushed. Hithernecetofore, NO-SEW.

thrifted fabric

See that orange fabric?

I mean.

I saw it hanging on a hanger there in the Value Village and I literally spoke OUT LOUD…. YOU ARE NOT EVEN KIDDING ME. I WIN!

And then I brought my treasure home and my awesome orange fabric and I promptly took-up residence in NO-SEW TOWN.

Why don’t you JOIN ME?!

Thrifted, No-Sew Fabric Pumpkins by @jennyonthespot

What do you want to see first? The no-sew pumpkin or the other no-sew pumpkin?

I’ll show you how I made the small guy first… Are you ready? It’s really “difficult”…

No-sew, toilet paper roll pumpkins

Sew SO/no-sew… You need a chubby roll of toilet paper. Scissors. A paper bag. Orange fabric, and green fabric.

DIY, fabric covered, no-sew toile paper roll pumpkins by @jennyonthespot

Eye-ball about how much fabric you’ll need. Trim it. Tuck into the tp hole. Cut a strip of paper lunch bag and a strip of green fabric (also thrifted!). Insert the green fabric, loosely. Then insert the folded portion of paper bag.

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin by @jennyonthespot

Any questions?

And then there’s this guy.

No-sew, thrifted fabric pumpkin by @jennyonthespot

I got so into making this no-sew fabric pumpkin I dropped the ball on step-by step pictures. But it’s so easy, you won’t have a problem…

Take a cut of fabric. Place some Poly-Fil stuff in the center. Add as much poly-fil as feels right to you. It’s like adding salt or pepper to a recipe. I used about 3x the amount of poly-fil as is shown in the picture below.

Thrifted, No-Sew Fabric Pumpkins by @jennyonthespot
To make my pumpkin I pulled the long sides together (top and bottom of above photo). I used a safety pin to secure the sides. Then I pulled the other sides up and tied them tight with ribbon…Playing with the poly-fil to get the shape I was happy with. The extra fabric from the sides made a perfect “stem” to work with. I cut a long strip of my thrifted green fabric.

Thrifted, No-Sew Fabric Pumpkins by @jennyonthespot
And then I wrapped it around the “stem” of excess orange fabric. I also tucked in a little hot glue to make sure it had a good hold.

Thrifted, No-Sew Fabric Pumpkins by @jennyonthespot
The ends are rough and imperfect. Which is perfect for a pumpkin, dontcha think?

And finally… a little pumpkin for my little pumpkin.

No-Sew, Not-so-Basic Plastic Pumpkin Bucket by @jennyonthespot
All the credit for this idea goes to my 11 year old, Livi. It was totally her idea. This is how we made it happen…

No-Sew, Not-so-Basic Plastic Pumpkin Bucket by @jennyonthespot

We used one of our pre-existing plastic pumpkin buckets from Halloween last year. I eye-balled how much fabric to use and made a rough-cut. Then trimmed (1-3). Be sure to hot glue the fabric (if using fabric that is thick & sturdy like mine) to the bottom and center it on your cut piece so it doesn’t shift as you are gluing around the rim (4-6). Then glue fabric around the rim (7-9). When covering a circle shape, there will be extra fabric. I trimmed the excess and glued down the side of the pumpkin.

No-Sew, Not-so-Basic Plastic Pumpkin Bucket by @jennyonthespot

If you look close, you might be able to see the diagonal seam on the right-ish side. This fabric was perfect because it is so chunky and forgiving. I think this project can be done with thinner fabrics as well. Perhaps cut into strips? Just spit-ballin’, here.

Lucy decided she wanted to be a pumpkin for Halloween. A SUPER PUMPKIN, that is.

SUPER PUMPKIN! @jennyonthespot

I thrifted the fabric for the plastic pumpkin bucket and her jack-o-lantern t-shirt at Value Village and bought the adorable pumpkin hat new at Value Village. The tulle for the skirt and sparkly fabric were secured at a local fabric store.

As Lucy pranced around she kept singing, “I’ve always wanted to be a pumpkin…. I’ve always dreamed of being a pumpkin!”

I used this no-sew tulle skirt tutorial as my guide. For Lucy’s skirt I used 6 yards. We worked in a bit of yellow tulle for a hint of color. We will add more sparkles on Halloween. Instead of elastic for the waist, we used ribbon. Lucy tied on ALL the tulle herself. It took time, but she is SO proud of herself!

I am proud of her too.

For the cape we nabbed some sparkly orange fabric. This was also a NO-SEW project. I folded one edge of the fabric about 3-4 inches down and then snipped every inch or two all the way to the end (picture below is of big sister’s cape… she’s getting a red one!)…

No-sew cape by @jennyonthespot

Then we wove the ribbon in. Actually. Lucy did.

No-sew cape by @jennyonthespot

Look! She’s flying! Must be the cape!

My Super Pumpkin! @jennyonthespot

Super Pumpkin? INDEED!!!

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What are your plans for Halloween?

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