No More Santa

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In a manner of speaking.

Joel (10) knows.

No More Santa

He knows about the Tooth Fairy. He’s suspected for awhile. The last tooth he lost (a couple months ago), he handed me his tooth and stated, “Here’s my tooth. You can just give me the money now. I know you are the Tooth Fairy.”

Immediately, I grabbed that boy by the collar, clenched my teeth and ordered in that deliberate way only moms can delver a message, “You. Will. NOT. Say. A. WORD. To. Your. SISTERS. Gotit? GOTITBUDDY?!!!”

I believe he has already picked out Santa’s casket.

He came home from school today and told me he lost another tooth at school. Actually, he handed me a tooth in an envelope and said, “Here’s your bill.”

He is such a stinker.

Actually makes me love him more.

This is the conversation he had with one of the ladies in the office when he lost his tooth:

Lady: So, how much do you think the Tooth Fairy is going to bring you?

Joel: I don’t believe in the Tooth Fairy.

Lady: Well don’t tell any of the little kids! And we have a 5 year old sitting in one of the rooms back there!

Joel: {giggle} O.K.

I was so worried about “lying” to my kids about mythical present and money-bearing beings. I was worried my kids would resent me and never be able to trust me.

I’m not worried anymore.

Joel and I are kind-of having fun with all this. His nudges… his teasing… my threats teasing.

I can tell he is getting a kick out of holding “privileged” information.

It’s a right of passage… helping “guard” the lie fantasy.

I am really enjoying this age.

I find I am not laughing as much AT him because he is so cute, but more and more often WITH him because he is simply so very funny.

In these moments I feel hope — that I didn’t ruin him in his toddler years, and – while I DO want him to be an upstanding human being… my kid better have a good sense of humor.

Forget NASA. I don’t want him to fly me to the moon.

I dream of 20 years from now: All of us gathered in his family’s living room… laughing together. Snorting, poking, one-upping. Judging by what I’ve been seeing, I think we have a really good chance at that.


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