New on NBC – The Mysteries of Laura… Motherhood and Detective Work

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There’s a new show of NBC – premiering TODAY!

The Mysteries of Laura!

MYSTERIES OF LAURA ART2That’s Debra Messing. She’s hilarious.

I was asked to make my own video sharing a little bit about how we moms, even if we are not gainfully employed as detectives… we ARE detectives.

We have to be…

(click here if you are the video won’t play above)

I am not the only one realizing this additional role we fill as moms. Check out the TheNiveNulls video to see some HARDCORE parental investigation:

The Nive Nulls video was inspired by the upcoming premiere of The Mysteries of Laura – a new show to NBC. It premiers Wedensday, September 24, 2014 at 8/7 Central… on NBC! You can learn more about this new series by visiting The Mysteries of Laura on YouTube here!

You and I may not be NYPD detectives, but we are household detectives. Whether we knew we’d be filling that role or not.

We just are. We are on a constant quest to find out who didn’t put the lid back on the toothpaste, who left the lid off the milk, who spilled the cereal… we are always investigating. INTERROGATING.

Had I known it would be such an integral part of motherhood, I might have gone to detective school!

Is there such a thing?

Well, regardless… the struggle is real, ya’ll, and I’m excited for this new show that is both comedy and drama that reels me in by relateable motherhood, but helps me escape as Laura Diamond (Debra Messing) does a kick-butt job at detective-ing.

*This post is sponsored. All opinion and anticipation for this new series are my own.*

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