Never Enough… Time

by | Sep 5, 2006 | Life | 3 comments

Seriously, where is it?

There is never enough… time.

I can’t find enough. If you happen find extra time, I’ll give a good price for it. I’ll take it over gold… seriously.

This crisis comes on the heels of moving and getting our old place ready to rent.

And did I mention I’m homeschooling the boy?

So, yeah… time.

I need time to finish unpacking, organize what’s been unpacked, school the boy, do the preschool-mom thing(s), exercise, maintain a relationship with my husband, cook meals (take-out is killing us).

I also need some girlfriend time, some exercise time, some Bible-reading time, some praying time, some down-time, some “I am such an attentive and creative mother” time, some dancin’ time… and even a bit of alone time.

Then there’s diaper changing time, laundry time, eyebrow-plucking time, writing time, pumpkin carving time (ok, next month), cleaning the corners time, and homeschooling time – did I mention homeschool planning time?

I need time a chiropractor, and a deep-tissue massage. But I did make time for the dentist in July. Baby steps 😉

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Hi, I'm Jenny 🙂

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