National Touring Production of The Sound of Music (Seattle Premiere)

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My daughter and I made our way to “the big city” to catch the new national touring production of The Sound of Music.

The Sound of Music On Tour in Seattle

My daughter is deeply involved in children’s musical theatre (and has been since she was 6), so musical theatre is her jam.

I was given one pair of media tickets. All opinion is my own.

We have been to a number of musicals at The Paramount Theatre in Seattle, and we love it every time.

This show was no exception.

As a theatre mom, the costume and set design leaves me in awe.

So much talent. So much imagination. So much skill!

I hold as much respect for those who create & design the sets & costumes as much as the cast members themselves. Each is needed to draw out our passion, our emotion, and our connection with the show.

As we watched The Sound of Music I would nudge my daughter, “Did you see how they did that?” “Look at the what the did with that costume…”

Of course photography during shows is strictly prohibited, so I can’t SHOW you how cool the sets were, or show you how lovely the costumes were, I can assure you – both were top-notch!

Even the Von Trapp kids’ play clothes made from “curtains”… *wink wink*

Of course the sining and  acting were wonderful. And as often as I do watch children perform on stage, it is always so impressive to watch kids sing and act and carry themselves so flawlessly on stage.

It’s inspiring.

Though my daughter and I went with our “we do theatre too” glasses on, I found myself lost in the story I have heard over and over and over again. Jill-Christine Wiley as Maria, was delightful, as Maria is. Mike McLean as Georg Von Trapp… well he was just so handsome and charming, a voice like buttah. And while every. single. cast member sang beautifully… Lauren Kidwell as the Mother Abbess was a vocal FORCE. Perfect. Moving. Goose bump making.

As much as I have adored The Sound of Music as a film, I LOVE it as a play. 

But… It wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for the impressive list of actors. They are a talented group of people and together they bring the familiar charm of the film to the stage.

In fact, it transported me to that time in a way the movie cannot. When the Von Trapp family performed at the festival, it felt like we WERE the festival audience.

It was very cool.

And an interesting way to imagine oneself during one of the most difficult junctures in modern history…

The Sound of Music is at The Paramount Theatre in Seattle through Monday, September 11th. It moves north to Canada for awhile after is wraps here. But is traveling across the country through June 2018. I highly suggest you don’t miss it.

For ticket information visit The Sound of Music On Tour website, or visit them on Facebook. You can also check them out on Instagram and Twitter too!



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