My Well-Woman Visit and a Commitment to Health

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I did it.

I went to the doctor for my Well-Woman visit.

Just like I said I would.

My Well-Woman Visit and a Commitment to Health and the American Heart Association

This post is in partnership with Go Red for Women. All opinion are my own. Thank you for supporting this partnership, one of many that keep my little internet home up and running. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to talk about our heart health and life wellness.

Getting an appointment wasn’t a simple task, as I had a big hiccup with a different doctor and long story short – I pressed on – AND SO SHOULD YOU.

Our heart health and all-around health is nothing to take for granted. Little red flags pop up… we push them aside because someone else needs our time and attention. We forget.

Meanwhile, what is happening with all those little things (red flags) we decide are not as important as the things others in our lives need?

My Well-Woman Visit and a Commitment to Health and the American Heart Association

This is me patiently waiting my turn in the doctor’s office – selfie style.

Since sharing my journey and partnership in this program I have had a number of people comment and message me about their own heart health stories… and even thank me for sharing. JUST for even sharing – because these women know. They or one of their loved ones have had serious heart health issues. Some sharing how a visit to the doctor saved them… others sharing about the worst. The story that stands out is one woman who shared they lost her mother-in-law at age 42 due to a massive heart attack.

I am 43, y’all.

In the fall of last year I ended up having an EKG and a stress test. I was having recurring chest pains and kind-of chalked it up to anxiety. I mentioned the pains to my gynecologist in passing and she said, “It is not likely you have any heart issues, but it is not unheard of for a woman your age to have problems. I think we should check it out to be safe.”

Turns out my heart is fine (woot!).

My Well-Woman Visit and a Commitment to Health and the American Heart Association

On my way! Heading out a little early to get that paperwork filled out before the appointment!

But it could have just as easily been something else. I didn’t realize until my doctor took my symptoms seriously how appreciative I was that she decided to double check.

Though I know my heart looked strong… I still had a lot of questions. My visit that day was not a Well-Woman visit… it was not comprehensive. I remembered to fast before my appointment this month so we were able to draw for:

  • – CBC with Differential
  • – CMP
  • – Iron
  • – Full Thyroid panel
  • – Vitamin D
  • – Lipid panel

I have no idea how many years it’s been since a doctor has ordered such a comprehensive list of testing for me.

My Well-Woman Visit and a Commitment to Health and the American Heart Association My blood draw… That wasn’t so bad!

At my Well-Woman visit, my new primary care doctor and I came up with a plan for taking care of stuff. We’re starting with the above tests. Eventually, we’ll look some other things as well. I feel like I found a great partner in moving forward not only in my heart health, but my whole health.

I want to live well, not live a life treating symptoms.

I urge you to schedule time for you. Yes, a manicure is a nice way to schedule time for you, but your heart needs you to check in too. Your loved ones need you to take your health seriously. Go to the doctor AND THEN get that manicure – as a reward!

You know what I did after my appointment? I rewarded myself with a mocha from one of my favorite coffee shops, and sat for a little while in a cafe all by myself.

Just me and my coffee… It was lovely.

a mocha

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