My Teen Is… #ToMyTeen

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I’m just going to put something out there.

I love teenagers and MY teen is… a blessing.

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Crazy, right?

Yes, teenagers are complicated. But you know what? They are awesome too. I think they get a really bad rap a lot of times. They are not given enough credit. I think adults make a lot of generalized assumptions about teens that undermine our teens. This sweeping judgement from adults robs good kids of great potential.

And really ticks me off.

Research shows that kids who are validated by their parents are more confident and more resistant to peer pressure… But it’s not just parents that short change their teens. It’s that guy in the grocery store, and that *one* teacher or bus driver. I believe teens that are treated with respect by adults will respond far more positively that those who are backed against a wall.

My thoughts are…

My teen is... #tomyteenIf we are not treated with respect (all of us), it is very hard for us to choose to treat others with respect. That goes for teens too.

And sure, I don’t understand them all the time. But I don’t understand a lot of adults too.

My teen is... awesome.

As the mom of a 15 year old and a 12 year old (almost 2 teens in the house!) I recognize and live the struggles in parenting this age, but even more I recognize the awesome… Unexpected conversations right before bed or in the car, any time I get an unsolicited “I love you”, they are SO.DARN.FUNNY, and they are WAY more helpful than 2 year olds.

Their energy.

Their passion.

Their WIDE open road.

What an absolutely exciting season of life. And TOUGH.


Oh man it is HARD. It’s hard for reasons I never imagined. But… it is equally as awesome. For reasons I… never imagined.


Do you hear what I’m saying? Do you smell what I’m stepping in? Are you tired of the stereotype folks keep plugging YOUR teen into? If you are then you have to check out To My Teen. YOU MUST.

And then you need to go share YOUR photo, 1) because we need to tell people our kids are awesome and 2) each person who uploads their own picture will be automatically entered to win a $50 VISA gift card through the month of October.

I am bringing you this post because October is National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month. As parents, we  do need to be aware that there are teens out there who abuse cough medicine to get high and we need to know the warning signs of cough medicine abuse. We need to be talking to our kids…

Parents Conversation Starters Infographic #tomyteenAnd as much as we want to trust them. As much as we want to everything to be fine and perfect, we do need to be educated, proactive, and aware…

Parents Medicine Cabinet Infographic #tomyteenConversation is so important. They help us see where our kids are. They help our kids know we are there. It’s not formal or planned conversations… it’s the time in the car or walking from football practice to the car. It’s while they’re grabbing a snack and pass you in the kitchen. It’s before bed when they will do anything to NOT go to bed – maybe chatting with YOU. It’s keeping our ears open for the times our teens are ready to open up… not for times WE are ready for them to open up.

*This is a sponsored post. I am thrilled to be sharing about my adoration of today’s teens. All opinion and said adoration are my own. And I hope it is yours too. Please share your positive words on today’s teens. They deserve to hear to the good stuff. The NEED to hear it.

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