My Takeaway: Parenting

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I am going to start a new series titled, My Takeaway.My Takeaway


Because the word “takeaway” seems to be hotter than double rainbows right now, and I am all about being relevant for the time, so… a series on topical “takeaways” it is.

Since I am 11 years into this whole parenting gig, I am going to give my “11 years into parenting” takeaway…

Are you ready? My takeaway is…

Parenting is stinkin’ HARD, y’all!

A rock and a hard place ain’t got nothin’ on parenting.

A rip tide? Like a lazy afternoon in a hammock compared to a 3 year old who didn’t want the match-box car until Bobbie Mae wanted the match-box car.

You smell what I’m steppin’ in, parents?

How about sibling rivalry? A peace treaty between warring countries – pshhh… is easy as Rice Krispy treats (not pie, pie is not easy… have you ever tried to make crust??? “East as pie” my …… I digress…) compared to 10 hours into a road trip with 3 kids crammed in the back of a car.


There are things in life. And then there is parenting. The greatest. The awfulest. The most of everything great and awful.

And I don’t have teenagers yet.

And I’d do it all over again.

she's rechargingAnd I’d still lose my mind.

Because, that cute little thing right there? She’s not sleeping…



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