My Lifelong Friend

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Happy 20th Anniversary of your 16th Birthday, my lifelong friend!

I love you, please don’t kill me… Or write me a detention for walking on the grass, like that one time…

I was about 3, and you were much older and mature at 4 when we first met. Did I ever thank you for taking me to Disneyland with you? Weren’t we 5 in this picture? Maybe it was just you. You ARE older than me… And I’m the dufus kid actin’ like a blow fish. You have always been so tolerant.

I call this “Our Cute Period”, blow fish-faced, mouse ears, and all…

Flying high – together, with Dumbo – at the “Happiest Place on Earth”.

I call this, the week before I spent the rest of my childhood and beyond, fat. Not to mention the glasses. Mercy. 

Remember the 3 Jen’s? You, Jen, Me. Remember camp? I think this was when we took buckets-full of candy (hmmm… wonder why I couldn’t stop being chubby)… Remember how we, like, stole undies from the boy’s cabin, so the boys raided our cabin and put salmon eggs in our aforementioned candy buckets? The boys were cute though, so I liked the attention. *ahem* Desperate?

EWW – look close at my jeans. Uh. Mah. Gah. I think the gardenia pattern is BLEACHED IN. Good golly, my mom must’ve made me wear those. Anywhay – look at your little bro… my little sis – what a good lookin’ bunch of kids. Heh. I wonder what our parents REALLY said when we weren’t around… By the way, that jacket you’re wearing… Remember. It. LOVED. IT. I was, like, so jealous, ‘cuz it was, like, so Don-Johnson-chick-cool! This had to be around 1984/85?

You came to my 8th grade graduation… The Class of ’87 Rulz! You have always been there for me 🙂 Big specs and all… **pink fluffy hearts** MWAH! 

Morro Bay! Morro Bay! Some of my most bestest memories EVAH! Remember that fabric store and the hats and silk flowers and cross stitch!  OK, so I don’t cross stitch anymore, nor do I hot glue silk flowers and lace on straw hats (praise be!), but we’ll always have the memories. Oh, and Avila Beach… Me beggin you to go body surf, and you just wanting be be all grown-up and “Miss Thang” gettin’ your tan on… R’member? R’member?!! Oh look – you can see Jen and Anna in here too! Dude, check out my glasses.

Remember Clovis Lakes! We’re all tan and tired and TOTALLY TUBULAR! And the boys… we sure did like boys, didn’t we 🙂

After years of building mud towers while our parents played softball, playing in leaves, running from dogs, crashing on bikes, roller skating to “Oh Mickey”, spinning on your mom’s potter’s wheel to escape the evil witch of Narnia, locking our brother and sister in the closet to make them kiss, a gazillion sleepovers, meeting “half-way” between our houses, wondering if the Ayer’s house was haunted, playing Atari at your house, throwing our Barbies in trees,  dancing on that little dance floor at your house, cruising for boys, double-dating (shhhh, I still haven’t told my parents about that one, or was it two?), fighting, and staying friends through it all… we became college roommates.

Thespians. Actually, I think we were headed out to cruise for boys. Rolled up shorts. So early 90’s. Look – behind us – remember climbing that tree? I loved that tree. It was the BEST climbing tree…

What are you doing? I have no idea.

At CBC with my sis. Holy Chronicles of Narnia. I am overwhelmed with emotion to have had you in my WHOLE life. I. Love. You. You are far more than my friend. I hate to sound sappy, but girl, you are my sister. Truly. Sorry. It just is and there’s not a thing you can do about it. Kissy-kissy 🙂

It’s been, what 11/12 years since we’ve seen each other. How awful. Come July though, I’m gonna have more pictures. Only THIS time, my glasses will be proportionate to my face, but now I have braces. Go figure:)

Happy Friggin’ Birthday 🙂

I had to add this – remember THIS car. I learned to drive in this retro-nightmare. I had to push up the automatic windows to close them. Great in Central Valley fog. Safe too. We never went cruising in this did we??? Did we???

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