My Latest Stitch Fix Unboxing: In Which I Fall For A Little Black Dress

I’m sorry for another unboxing video… unless you like unboxing videos.

In my defense, I received the Popsugar one MONTHS ago and was just late editing the unboxing video so really, these happened months apart in my real life. Internet life is so deceiving!

But to be perfectly honest, I love these things. The surprise. The variety. Therefore another Stitch Fix unboxing!

I seriously could become a subscription box junkie. From food to beauty products to clothing to accessories to fitness finds (I have an unboxing waiting for that) to even DOGS.

It’s insane and it’s wonderful.

I have unboxed a Stitch Fix before. But this here is my most recent.

You are just seeing the video now, but I have had the clothes in my possession for several days. The final decision… I’m keeping the blue shirt, the dress (YES THE DRESS), and obviously the necklace. I was initially drawn to the cardigan because it’s uniqueness (as far as my closet of clothes go), but it just looked a bit frumpy. And the pants… we already know those have to go back.

Unrelated: My posting here might be a bit sporadic over the next 2-4 weeks. We are gearing up for a move (if only across town). But it’s still a full-house move so I have a feeling my fingers will be fiddling with packing paper more than laptop keys.

Speaking of packing… Wish me luck.




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2 Responses to “My Latest Stitch Fix Unboxing: In Which I Fall For A Little Black Dress”

  1. Annie says:

    Your Unboxing videos are some of my favorites! I always manage to laugh out loud. I get the biggest thrill out of seeing you unbox your items without rehearsal! And thanks to you I may be joining “Pop-Sugar.” That looks cool. Mainly because I can’t say “Stitch-Fix” 5 times really fast. Seriously..I don’t know why Saturday Night Live hasn’t snapped you up! I think you have a gift for comedy! (This comment brought to you by the word “Sparkles” a word that’s fun to say 5 times really fast! I gave you a plug on my Facebook page because of that word! And I Hope your move goes well–moving is a lot of work! “UNDERSTATEMENT!”)

  2. Michelle Ayers says:

    I love the way your organize your necklaces!

    By the way good luck with your move!

    I love reading your blogs!



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