My kid: The ONLY Kid

I was walking through my kids’ school the other day. Heading to student/teacher conferences and whathaveyou.

I love walking the halls. It’s so fun to see the projects being displayed… seeing the different levels of creativity/capability… and shall we say interpretations of art and academics.

And don’t you just love it when you can tell without looking at the name – which project belongs to your very own spawn?

Take for example the standard construction paper scarecrow:

construction paper scarecrowThis is not Lucy’s scarecrow.

No. I stood a few feet from the Wall-O-Scarecrows and I saw it. I saw it and I said to me… “Oh…. there’s Lucy’s.”

Every scarecrow had it’s hair where scarecrow hair is traditionally found – on the scarecrow “forehead”.

All 25ish scarecrows stood stuck on the wall… staring… all with bangs…

But not Lucy’s.

She must be partial to the balding scarecrow.

The hairless scarecrow

I commented, “Oh Lucy… I see YOUR screcrow.” She replied, “Oh yeah. I accidentally put it’s head on it’s hair.”

That scarecrow.

Not wrong.

Not bad.

But Lucy’s.

And as she never fails to do… makes me smile.


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5 Responses to “My kid: The ONLY Kid”

  1. Carrie says:

    Well, God love it!

    I think I love that little scarecrow. Who wants to be like everyone else anyway? With bangs on your head and all?

    That’s dull.

    But having it’s head ON it’s hair? My kind of weird.

    Lucy’s got it going on.

  2. it looks great to me…that’s prolly how i would have done it, too lucy!! he’s cute! 🙂

  3. Michelle W says:

    Now THAT’s a scarecrow! I think I like it her way best!

  4. trish says:


  5. Emily says:

    That girl is going to be just fine, makin’ her own way in the world!

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